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Xbox RE-Subscribe?


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It'll start charging you around $6/month unless you buy another kit with a full-year subscription.


I don't think that's correct. Mine expires in December, and it will automatically charge me a full year, as opposed to the monthly charge. I believe it defaults to yearly, unless you specify otherwise. There is no need to go out and buy a new kit or renewal kit.


From the account management potion of the dashboard you can see how it will charge you.

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I got a v2.0 Live kit for $50 :(, but that's still better than getting NOTHING. If you auto-renew you get NOTHING for $50. If you buy a renewal card you get, IMHO, a crappy carrying case you really don't need (at least I don't) for $50. At least I got a new communicator (which I don't need and haven't used) and the Tetris Worlds/MechAssault disc.

It just seemed to me that being an early XBL adopter, I was getting "penalized". I feel anybody who was a beta tester or signed-up on Nov. 15th, should've been able to renew for LESS than $50, as a way of saying thanks. Instead, as a one-year veteran of the Xbox LIve wars, I'm getting NOTHING while new recruits are getting the same deal I was getting a year ago. :?

Rant over...

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