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Bungie still using Macs?


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I hang out at the Spymac forums (an Apple rumor site) and there's a guy over there who does sound work at Bungie. He says the core game is pretty much done and they're mainly just debugging right now.


Anyway, I just thought it cool when he mentioned that despite the fact that Bungie is developing for a Microsoft console, and are owned by Microsoft they run only Macs.


I'm on the Music and Sound team at Bungie, working under Marty O'Donnel. And I can proudly say that, even though our company is now owned by Microsoft, Bungie is still proud to be using only Macs!


How cool is that? Sticking to their roots.

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How cool is that? Sticking to their roots.


So Microsoft provide Xbox cross compilers for the Mac? First I knew that, thought it was Windows only.....


Not to my knowledge. I bet their Art and Sound departments are still using Macs, but the programmers are using PCs. The only thing I can see is if Bungie developed their own XDK for Mac.

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I had exactly the same thoughts and asked him that exact question. Here's his answer:


Most of the game is being done on macs. PCs are being used only when they must (ie compiling programming and AI scripts, which can get as big as 500mb). All of the graphics are being done on macs, and some of the programming as well. it helps to only use one type of computer around the office, that way you can share files easier.


and bill has to pay for all of our macs and mac software...


Interesting that *some* programming is done on the Mac. -And the thought of Gates having to buy Macs is a little funny.

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Well, apart from anything else, Microsoft must have a few Macs in the building; they are one of (if not the) largest producers of Mac software, thanks to Office and IE.


They have an entire seperate unit devoted to that: MBU - Macintosh Business Unit.

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