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Tron 2.0


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I had a good time with the demo last night. Other than my initial frustration in the Disc Arena (make sure to activate your disc before trying to use it) I found the gameplay to be fun, if not a little limited.


Light Cycles appear to incorporate some of Armagetron's charms such as the speed boost while hugging another cycle's wall. There are also some powerups and the ability to accelerate or decelerate. The AI is a little tougher than I'm used to (Armagetron, GLTron) but more fun as well. I was happy to see that the arenas are not all open ground. The arena I played in after completing the tutorial was reminiscent of city streets with large blocks and narrow alleys.


The Disc Arena was fun once I got used to the controls. It plays with the standard FPS controls (WASD) so was easy to get the hang of. The arenas are varied but seem to employ the same strategy: Either try to hit your opponent directly and wear down their health or destroy the blocks underneath them and hope they fall to their digital doom.


The only variation I saw in arenas was one where you could hit colored panels on the wall to make panels with the same color dissapear on the floor, creating pitfalls for you and your opponents.


There was noticable lag last night. I don't know if it is the netcode or the servers I played on but I hope it's fixed. I also hope that there are more games in the Arena. I would love to see an enhanced version of the tanks from the original arcade game. I don't think Discs and Light Cycles will tide too many people over.


I'm anxious, now, to see how the SP mode plays. Overall I'm still very excited to see the final product.

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I gave it a try last night. It was an interesting diversion, but nothing terribly compelling that I'd play it more than a few times.


The light cycles was the best of the two modes, and it works fairly well over the internet (even though it warns that only Lan Play is supported for Light Cycles). After a few rounds though you start to feel like you're just playing the same round over and over again... which you basically are.

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Well, as you've all been bored to death already about my bandwith finally becoming useable for games, I thought I'd mention that I've now tried Armagetron online. Really not sure about how it works - even ASDL levels of lag are too much for cutting people off, really.

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Just thought I'd chime in about the demo.


The light cycles are pretty sweet. Although I haven't played enough to see which view is the best. I mostly used the far, free look view.


The multiplayer was fun as well. I like how they set up the rounds, and the waiting area is cool. You can walk up to the window of any of the arenas and view the action. The gameplay itself was refreshing compared to other FPS's.


I didn't have much lag. I had the graphics set to high and ran at 1024x768. Very smooth.


I'm impressed and will most likely purchase the full version.

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Yikes, third bump in a row:


Am I the only one playing this incredible game? I would love to face off or team up with you in the disc arena. Light cycles are still unsupported via Internet. They seem to require a very low ping to work properly over the 'Net so I tend to spend most of my online time slinging discs.


I love the full set of arenas. They are very inventive, and while the objective is alwas the same the method can change drastically from arena to arena.


I planning to have a mini-review written up by now but I've been playing through SP a second time to see how well the game plays with a different set of subroutines and attributes.


This is $40.00 well spent.

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Along with a few other titles, I picked up Tron 2.0 this weekend, and it's currently ranked as one of my favorite games.


Between the graphics, story & sound, it's one of the most immersive titles I've ever played. You really feel like you're in the world of Tron. And to top it off, it's DAMN fun!


I'd love to host a server for anyone who wants to do some lightcycle racing, or Disc Arena is people were interested. PM me or post here if you'd like to get a game going sometime.

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Tron 2.0 Multiplayer Update!


Obligatory mirrors:




The multiplayer patch adds deathmatch and team deathmatch options to Tron 2.0. It also adds 3 new multiplayer maps.


I haven't had a chance to play Tron 2.0 at all online, except for maybe 1-2 lightcycle matches. If multiplayer is half as as the single player game, I'll be very happy.



Updated topic title to reflect all offcial discussion of Tron 2.0

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I've been keeping up on this via the official forum and others, but I didn't know it was out today! This sensation is bittersweet as I have no time to play right now. I move in a week and I must prepare.


However, once I am finished with said project I will be around to join or challenge any of you in a friendly game of deathmatch, discs or cycles.


EDIT: I've given it a small try, just jumped on long enough to see what the gameplay felt like.


The map I was on was taken straight from the SP campaign, one of the latter levels in the corrupted zone. There are subroutine icons scattered all over that you can pick up for a temporary boost, weapon or ability. They respawn after awhile as is typical with deathmatch.


There was only one other player there but I was in long enough to derez them with the LOL. Fun stuff. I'm looking forward to putting more time into it.

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