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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3


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I bought it at Target this morning 10 minutes after it opened. When I left there was a handful of people in line to buy it. Played about 5 TD matches before I went to work and there were already people level 44. Based on what little time I was able to play the multiplayer, it felt like MW2 with new maps (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). I'm sure I'll notice some differences as I put more time in.

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Played more during lunch. Decided to try some Kill Confirmed matches. It's a lot of fun! Because the team score is based off of the number of dogtags collected (not the number of kills), it seemed like people were more aggressive and willing to take chances. Got up to level 11. There's a lot of stuff to unlock. After playing Black Ops pretty exclusively since it came out, I had almost forgotten how MW2 was in regards to how things were unlocked.


Did anyone buy Elite or get the Hardened edition?

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