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World Championship Pool 2004

Chris The Rock

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Looks like it's coming out on the 9th. The screenshots on the web look awesome, and if the gameplay is anywhere near accurate when it comes to billiard physics, it's a must-have for me. I'll be in line at my local EB on the 10th, unless I read some reviews that trash it.


Funny, a year ago, I would never have said that, but what with the changes in Gamestops' and EB's return policies in the past year and all, I have to be more selective in what I decide to purchase.

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Yeah, that sucks...here's the relevant quote from that page WetWork linked to:



Q: How many players will the game support offline and online?


A: Offline you can have a 1-16 players. Online you can play with up to 2 players.


Q: Will there be 'Guest' support for Xbox Live!? Meaning you can have 2 people on one Xbox play online against another Xbox.


A: Our Xbox Live component offers classic one-on-one play. We considered multi-player online but one of the challenges is being able to see all the players around the table when you have that many users on each box. This will be something for us to work on next year..


Next year? I suspect another pool game won't be released from the Xbox for a long time, probably not until the Xbox2.


Why would you need to see the players? All you really need to see are the balls and the cue.

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I'll probably end up picking it up, Bryan. I am disappointed that they could only manage one-on-one play, though.


I can understand games like Top Spin, and Outlaw Volleyball not supporting 4-player, 4-console multiplayer, but if they can do it with Links, they ought to be able to do it with a flippin' game of billiards. :?


Of course this is Jaleco we're talking about...

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