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I think the best way to edit an MP3 is to first convert it to an uncompressed WAV file. Once there you can use any WAV editor. I believe the sound recorder that's included with Windows ought to do the job.


I'm going to assume the CDex is a separate question as it doesn't have file editing features.

In CDex press F4 to open the settings.

Select the 'Encoder' tab.

In the 'Encoder' field use the drop down menu to select the 'Lame MP3 Encoder' (the version will depend upon the version of CDex you have).

Under 'Encoder Options' I'd recommend skipping everything except the drop-down menu labled 'Quality'

In the 'Quality' section I'd recommend setting it to 'R3Mix Preset' if you're only going to be encoding spoken voice. If you're going to be encoding music and want better quality try '-alt preset standard' or '-alt preset extreme'.

These are all pre-sets. They are all VBR settings that do it for you. R3Mix is good for spoken word because the bit rate varies from a low of 96 kbps to a potential high of 224 kbps. -alt preset standard, on the other hand, ranges from 128 kbps to 320 kbps.

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Originally posted by Ryan FB@Nov 29 2003, 12:44 AM

Mp3Splt might be exactly what you're looking for. There's even a Windows build. For your example problem you could do:

mp3splt -t 5.00 filename.mp3

And yea, there will be much rejoicing in the land. ;)

I was about to say hey, smartass, I'm aware of my mp3splt, but my linux box is in pieces in the basement. Then I reread your post and clicked the link. Windows build, eh? :oops: It looks perfect for spoken word recorded to the device's LINE IN; thanks for finding it!


Camp, thanks for the tips on CDex quality settings. I'll try them out right now!



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