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Elite Force 2

Chris F

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Star Trek : Elite Force 2 came out last week. There wasn't a lot of fanfare about it, so I'm just checking in to see if anyone else purchased it.


I was a big fan of the first one, and although it was short, it was probably the best, and most immersive, Star Trek game I've ever played.


I've only played through the tutorial and first mission, but I'm enjoying it more than the first so far. It makes great use of the age-old Quake 3 engine, and looks pretty snazzy. Lots of cool visuals, and decent facial animation (It's no HL2 though). The first mission takes place on board a Borg vessel (a la the frist EF), and tied directly into the last episode of Voayger. It's very atmospheric, and very cool.


Control is standard FPS style, and favors faster paced gameplay.


Sound is straight out of Star Trek, and sounds great using EAX2 on my Audigy 2 sound card. There's an option for EAX3, but I don't think that's out yet in driver form.


Multiplayer looks like a blast (the first had great MP as well). One of my favorite levels being a model of the bridge of the Enterprise being looked at by Picard. Everything is huge, and I was very surprised when I was in the ready room fragging people, and a HUGE Picard started staring through the window. There are different game modes including CTF and Team DM as well. Quite a few servers are up running it, so there isn't a shortage on where to play.


If you like Star Trek, and you like the FPS genre, you'd most likely enjoy ST:EF2. If you don't, well, you probably won't. It was definitely worth a purchase for me.


But how will I find time to play when every night is occupied by SWG?

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I have to admit that this looked pretty interesting to me when I was flicking through the reviews. Nice graphics and while the justification for having an assault team on the Enterprise is undoubtedly spurious (I have no idea what it is, but it's spurious :P) it looked like fun to me.


Shame I can't justify upgrading my comp just for fun ;).

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As a matter of fact, it can't :P.


(creak creak creak)


This dear machine is currently on its last legs. I really can't afford to upgrade it until I graduate next June and get an actual job, sadly. That's the same reason why I can only curse the rest of you for having fun playing X-Box Live :wink:

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They probably got laid off with the rest of the team. That good enough?


Speaking of which.


The publisher sues Viacom for letting the Star Trek movie and television franchise stagnate and terminates the game licensing agreement reached in 1998.


Activision has announced that it has filed a breach of contract suit against Viacom, the media company that owns Paramount Pictures, CBS, MTV, and several other major media brands. The lawsuit contends that Viacom hasn't kept its promise to continue producing and promoting Star Trek films and television shows at the rate it was when the two companies signed a 10-year licensing agreement in 1998. Activision alleges that "through its actions and inactions, Viacom has let the once proud Star Trek franchise stagnate and decay," and it claims that Viacom recently admitted that there are no current plans for new Star Trek movies.


Activision has terminated the licensing agreement and is seeking to recover monetary damages in the lawsuit, saying that it cannot successfully develop and sell Star Trek games without ongoing movie and television production and related marketing. Activision released Star Trek Elite Force IIlast week and hasn't announced any other upcoming Star Trek projects.


Source: http://www.gamespot.com/all/news/news_6030912.html


Guess that means no Bridge Commander 2 :cry:

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