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Gaming vocab

Mr mister

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Hi all ive come in search of answers for a school project the project is on features of language and specialised language and in an effort to incease my knowledge ive decided to have my topic on gaming and hifi so if you wise sages would oblige a newb this is what id like please:


definations of :

  • frame rate.
  • pixel.
  • polygon.
  • cel animation.
  • HDTV and 1080 pi.
  • 5.1 surrond sound.
  • different outputs/inputs found on "gaming rigs."
  • refresh rate.
  • NTSC and PAL.
  • Watts amps etc explanationsof specs for speaker/subwoofer ratings.
  • red/green colour bias.
  • anyother explanations of specs/jargon etc used for description of auido/visual components.

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I can take a stab at one's I feel comfortable with, forgive me if these seem stilted, I'm not a dictionary, but I play one on TV:


Frame rate.


Frame rate is the number of still images (or 'frames') shown on a display in succession over a certain period of time, usually expressed in 'frames per second' (FPS). At a sufficiently high rate, human vision will interpret the succession of still images as motion. The typical number of frames per second needed to perceive smooth motion is 30FPS, although this varies from person to person.




A pixel is the smallest unit of graphical information in an electronic display. Pixels are usually arrayed in a grid structure, with a certain number horizontally and a certain number vertically. The amount of information a display is representing is often expressed as the number of pixels in each dimension, for example 800x600, 1024x768, or 1600x1200 for typical computer displays.


There is another meaning of pixel which is similar, but not identical. These are small units of light on a display which are also arrayed very close together to form an image. Typically a display pixel is comprised of three colors, red, green and blue, that blend together to create a the entire range of colors the display is capable of. These kind of pixels are expressed in a few different ways, one is the number per inch, or PPI. Another is called 'dot pitch' which is the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels, expressed in millimeters (for example .25mm).


Polygon. (not quite as certain about this, but here goes)


In gaming parlance, a polygon in the smallest unit of geometry in a 3D scene or model. They are (always?) flat, two dimensional surfaces, bounded by at least 3 sides. Although in a given scene or model, poolygons can vary in size, they are not themselves built out of smaller units. Polygons are joined together at varying angles to create larger shapes, and eventually objects like characters, buildings, or vehicles, etc. The more polygons used to create a given object, the more geometric detail it can have (as opposed to texture detail).


Refresh rate.


Similar to frame rate, refresh rate is the number of times over a given time-period (usually a second) that a display updates the state of it's pixels (note that the physical pixels on a display are not the same as the unit of information on a display)

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