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Photography (hardware & technical discussion thread)

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Top tip: even if it seems to be working fine, don’t put your wet camera away in your wet bag, throw it in the boot of the car and forget it until morning. Currently waiting to see if the dehumidifier

Oh, I know all about big raptors; we have one at home.    

For example, here's one I edited earlier today, also taken with an XTi while at Warner Bros. yesterday:   Tower Guard by Iain L, on Flickr   Trying to do something like that in Picasa will just

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It's supposed to primarily be a scaled down A7III, so same 24mp sensor. Makes me think A7IV to make up for the difference will have a higher mp count, dual card slots, will probably do 4k/60 and perhaps 120 but possibly not at the bitrates the A7sIII offers. It'll be interesting to see. 


I wonder if the C will get the A7III video colour science or the one from the A7sIII.

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Video quality just turns out to be 4:2:0 8-bit sadly, so like the A7III (same codecs as well). Shame the viewfinder is so outdated, but in many other respects it's a baby A7III with better ISO performance and colour science, with the A7sIII's AF. GREAT full frame travel camera and vlogging camera for sure. 



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OK, right now I'm not rushing to any sort of new consolebox. There's nothing very wrong with my Xbox One S or Nintendo Switch, there's still a backlog in the PS4 I've not touched in ages, either.


But mostly, I've solved the problem of the 7D by buying a second-hand Mark II. Should be here by the end of the week. Wex say it's in great condition except the previous owner lost the eye cup, and those are the same as on my Mark I, so that's no worry at all.

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7D II went back, by the way - flaky as hell, it would crash after 5-10 minutes of heavy use (high speed shooting, flicking through the review of existing photos, back and forth between live view etc) even with a brand new memory card. 

Now thinking about whether I bother trying another, save for a brand new 90D or just for whatever Canon do next with RF. 

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