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GBA Recommendations

Chris F

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Planning on picking up two games for my GBA SP / Gameboy Player this afternoon after work.


I already own:


Pokemon Sapphire

Metroid Fusion

Golden Sun : The Lost Age


I'm kind of looking for games that would be fun to play on a bigger screen (via my Gameboy Player), but would also be fun to play on the road. I was kind of looking at the Mario Advance series, but I'm not 100% sure about those yet. Anyone have any recommendations?

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I'd personally say get the first Golden Sun too, since there's an ongoing storyline between the games :). But I've played neither, so grain o' salt.


Of the Mario Advance titles, get Yoshi's Island if you haven't played it. Arguably the best 16-bit platformer that was ever created. Mind you, I'm one of the ones who'd argue in favor of that position :P. Great game either way though.

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Guest MrDarthVader

Wario Ware is probably my favorite GBA title released. It's all about fast-pick-up-and-play action that is great for playing when you only have a minute or two :)

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