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Rented "Whiplash" this weekend, and felt like posting some initial impressions.


It's a new platformer from Crystal Dynamics where you control a pair of animals trying to escape an animal research facility owned by a megacorp, all tongue in cheek of course. The "twist" that all platformers must have these days is your weapon is a cute lil bunny rabbit - it's chained to you & you whip it around as your attack.


In addition to trying to escape, you have a secondary goal of causing as much damage to the value of the research facility. Crystal Dynamics have done a really good job in allowing you to destroy computers, glass, plants & objects all over the place. Every time you destroy something, you get a counter of the cost, which is a nice little touch.


Controls are nice & responsive, and the animation on the main characters is good, most of the time. The rabbit whips around in a typical cartoon style, and I've not had too many difficulties so far with 3d jumping (a problem of mine).


Graphics are very cartoony & get the job done well. Lots of personality to the main characters, and to the environments too. As noted above, lots of destruction.


Gameplay wise, I'm enjoying it. There's some nice puzzles to solve, nothing too taxing, but some nice twists on the stale "get the key" tasks. There are powerup machines dotted around for use with your rabbit buddy - put him on fire, douse him in chemical goo, fill him up with helium for lift etc.


So far, it's been one long level too - no loading screens, which are hidden through the use of corridors from area to area with security lasers & robot spiders to attack while the next room is streaming in.


The sense of humour so far in the game has been excellent. This is a really funny game in the vein of Sam & Max (though not upto that standard) with some great double play between the two main characters, and an over the top exaggeration of the facility & its machines. I suspect the humour may get repetitive throughout the length of the game though...


So far, I'm really enjoying it. I suspect it'll make a better rental than a purchase, but I haven't gotten too frustrated though there's been a couple of rooms that just weren't obvious without taking a break & trying a fresh approach. I haven't gotten frustrated at my own abilities, which is a Good Thing for me & platformers.

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This game looks pretty cool. I saw the preview on X-Play as well, and it seems to have some novel ideas. The animations look hilarious. I'll give it a try some day.


However, in my opinion, none of you should even be considering this game with the new Ratchet and Clank out right now. Soooo good.

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