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Bad Santa

Hank Scorpio

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I just got back from checking this out. One word review: outstanding. Billy Bob Thorton is spot-on as an alcoholic mall Santa Claus, reminding me of Bobcat Goldthwait's work in Shakes the Clown.


I had high hopes for the film after finding out that Terry Zwigoff directed it. I really liked Crumb and Ghost World, and was curious to see his take on the holiday season.


What's great about the film is that it doesn't have an obligatory level of schmaltz tacked on because it's about Christmas. Billy Bob's character stays the same throughout the film, and even when he's "growing" as a person, it's in some twisted fashion. (I'd give examples, but want to keep this spoiler-free.)


I'd like to see this again, as I have some friends who would definitely appreciate the humor, and in a year when it's released on DVD it'll find a spot next to Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story as holiday viewing for me.

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Just had to dig this up. Finally saw it on DVD and I third everything Hank said. It's genuinely funny (something I haven't said about a comedy for a long time) and it hold nothing back. No feel-good bullshit was just icing on the cake.


Billy was fantastic, but the kid deserves credit too. He pulled that role off to perfection. Lauren Graham was, as always, exquisite.


Just too many funny lines to list.

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Bought this (Badder Santa) yesterday and watched it last night. I didn't get a chance to see this in the theater, and mainly bought it cause of the ads they were running (I'm on my f'in lunch break) and friends word of mouth.


HOLY FRIGGIN S*#T was that a funny f'in movie. :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:


Loved every second of it.


...and I can't look at Lauren Graham the same way ever again. :drool:

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