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Announcement from Microsoft, Too bad.

Romier S

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I really cant say I'm liking this. Microsoft makes some quality joysticks.


The publisher's line of PC gamepads and joysticks is being phased out due to lack of demand.


Microsoft has informed us that it has discontinued the SideWinder line of gaming peripherals, which included joysticks, gamepads, racing wheels, and a voice communicator. A Microsoft representative said the decision is a result of the continued decline in sales of all PC game controllers and the fact that most PC games are designed specifically to be controlled with a mouse and keyboard. The most recent SideWinder products may still be available in retail stores in the coming months, but Microsoft has been working to discount products to help sales partners move remaining stock.


The SideWinder line debuted in 1996, when Microsoft was putting a great deal of effort into developing Windows 95 as a gaming platform. Its disappearance won't affect Microsoft's PC peripheral efforts in other areas, as the company is still moving to expand its popular line of keyboards and mice, and it has a new line of broadband networking products. The company will continue its efforts to support third-party gaming peripherals in Windows. Microsoft's representative for SideWinder didn't have any information about a project to design a standard PC gamepad mentioned to usin March by Dean Lester, who heads up Microsoft's Windows Graphics and Gaming division.



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And everyone thought that controller would probably end up looking similar to the XBox controller.


Seems weird if MS would set a standard for a PC controller and then not make one themselves.


I better get that Precision Pro I've been meaning to buy for a long assed time too.... after they start their discounts.

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Does this indicate Microsoft thinks the PC hasn't much of a gaming future?


It doesn't sound like it. From the article:


... Longhorn will likely include a major overhaul in Window's visual presentation, which may include 3D interface elements. Lester [ the head of Microsoft's Windows Graphics and Gaming division] also said it would include a special "My Games" view that would centralize all the matchmaking, control panel settings, patching tools, and game lists and make such tasks much simpler. Microsoft is working on streamlining a number of current technical trouble areas, like the installation process and display drivers, and will centralize game updates through a Windows Update-like patch server. It's also looking into making it possible to run Windows games directly from the CD without installation. Somewhat more straightforward features include adding sophisticated matchmaking into Microsoft Messenger and parental controls over which users can play certain games.



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Actually, they just issued a press release about Microsoft agents removing Sidewinder product from private homes. It seems you purchased a license for the use of the product which specifically states you must surrender said joystick in the event Bill wants to play with it. ;)

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