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Anyone know of good FREE webhosting?


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Does anyone know of good FREE webhosting? My internet provider Cox has terrible hosting, I can never edit my pages. I've also tried a couple of free services but I've had similar poor results. All I want is a simple free provider to upload some images. Any good services out there?

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Yeah Joel I'm looking for a host for some pics is all I'm looking for. I'd like to be able to manage the pics without burdening anyone else, that's why I asked if there were any good hosting sites. Thank you for offering Joel.


I think I'm gonna end up trying to get my ISP webspace working, and if it doesn't I'll give them an ear full about it.

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I'm gonna try thier service,


I just signed up. :D A few of my friends recommended them as well.


Now all I need is a good domain name...


http://www.ruffneck.com is taken...


I don't really want http://www.xblruffneck.com ...


I was thinking of a play on words, or something that rhymes with "Flynn".


The first thing that came to mind was... http://www.flynncontrol.com


Dunno. This is a tough decision...

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