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Star Wars Battlefront coming to X-box live


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Many sites are getting confirmation from lucas arts that there Star Wars Game SW:Battlefront is coming to Live in the 2nd quarter of 2004. The game plays like

Battlefield 1942 and original word said it was gonna be a ps2 only release. Now they say its for X-box live, PC and PS2.





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Graphics: attractive, nice models, foliage. Good looking game considering the size of the levels, draw distance, etc. Frame rate most of the time but did drop notably on some levels/areas, need to keep an eye on this.


Multiplayer: I haven't actually played, except alone. You can run a dedicated server, and you can build a map rotation. Presumably if you do this with a private game, you could leave a server for your play group unattended for a long period of time. You can choose up to sixteen bots for each team, but it looks like each team gets the same number of bots, even if one has more (or all) human players. This could make any kind of co-op unbalanced...hopefully in actual use it simply uses the bots to level out the sides...who wants to play where one side has 32 players (half of them human) and the other side is 16 dumb bots? You tell the game your bandwidth for hosting (upload). If you tell it 384k, it will let you host 10 players. If you tell it 512k, it will let you host 13. You can start the game with no other players and it appears that other players can join mid-round.


Observations from single-player gameplay: Players are slow, slower than Master Chief. Black button switches between driver/gunner position in vehicles. Vehicles easy to drive. AT-ST pretty much invulnerable to blaster fire, but rocket launchers do some damage. Rocket Launcher has a firing delay and is slow enough that it doesn't seem optimal for shooting other foot soldiers. Blaster pistol doesn't have automatic fire, which seems silly for an electronic weapon...so you pull that trigger over and over as fast as you can. Blaster rifle is automatic and very powerful. Sniper rifle is an energy beam weapon and is not an 'instant' shot...I think sniper rifles should be very high velocity.


When playing single-player, it lists 16 players on each side for the round-ending stats. When playing, each side lists around 190 troops total (varies by round). The question to me is, how many active characters are playing at once (including yourself)? It is hard to tell. All 190 seems too large, but when playing Endor in particular it seemed there were a lot more than 32 characters total (including myself). With most levels neither side will take all command posts during the round, so whichever side runs out of troops first is the loser. It often feels that you are just one small cog in a giant machine and that your efforts do not have much impact in the outcome of the round. This feeling decreased somewhat as I played a couple of more rounds, but still remained to some degree. The computer AI is fairly bad but I was playing on medium instead of hard (not sure if the difficulty setting changes AI intelligence or not).


I just don't think I can even estimate what it will be like playing with 16-24 human players instead of 32+ bots. The single-player has zero replay value to me, but I was only playing alone because it's better than playing with asshats. Once you guys get the game that won't be a factor. I'm still interested in the game but I just need to play it with lots of humans before judging it.


The game is Live Aware but does not auto login, so you have to go all the way into the multiplayer menu and log in first.


oh, they need a way to turn Jar Jar off. I had an NPC Jar Jar (probably a generic Gungan) running around saying meesa gonna die, meesa this, meesa that, very repetitive and irritating.

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You can report your bandwith as very high, then when you start a round you can choose as many players as you want. Then, if your actual network conditions don't match your reported conditions, it gives a warning about hosting too many. You can override this.


I'm not sure if the bots impact bandwidth but it shouldn't be hard for us to figure out. I do know that it allowed/defaulted 16 bots regardless of whether I reported 384k or 512k.


I usually have upload bandwidth of around 620k, so I'll probably set mine to 768k reported and then see how many I can host.


I'm probably a bachelor this weekend. If we have a LOT of players I'm willing to bring my XBox to work for an evening session or two and play on our rock solid 1.2Mbit T1 upload...we should be able to host 24 that way.

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Originally posted by Beer Monkey@Sep 20 2004, 09:37 AM

oh, they need a way to turn Jar Jar off. I had an NPC Jar Jar (probably a generic Gungan) running around saying meesa gonna die, meesa this, meesa that, very repetitive and irritating.

Two words:


Friendly fire.


Thanks for the review. If you can kill Ewoks and gungans, that'll be a bonus.

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Please tell me this game isn't going to die as a flavor of the week. I had so much fun playing the first week it came out, and now it seems like nobody is playing it.


Maybe I'm signing on at the wrong times, or maybe its just a lull in XBL activity, but I'm only seeing 2-3 friends online when I sign on at night. SO I throw in Fable and check the friends list from time to time and .... NOTHING.


I had high hopes for this game and the night when Michael hosted the 20+ player room was one of the best times I've had on XBL.


Can we save this game????

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