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Crimson Skies Tonight!


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I want to play with you,...but,... 8:30pm CST = 10:30 EST and that's past my bedtime,... I HATE WORKING EARLY for this reason. I miss CS too!


Edit : Just noticed this was posted yesterday, now I don't feel so bad, I already missed out.


I'm still waiting for the CS tourney to start :)

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Funny you should say that. There's some free DLC coming soon. From one of their developers:


Sorry, I've been busy on DLC and was on my Thanksgiving vacation. I also haven't been able to check on the forum as much as I used to.


We are planning on releasing our first batch of DLC soon. How soon is still dependent on a number of things out of my control, but when there's a definitive date and more details, I'll be posting an update and/or link here.


But to answer the question at hand - all of the players of Crimson Skies on Xbox Live will be able to enjoy it free. You heard it here first. ;^)


Found at http://forums.xbox.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=5462426

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