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Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness!

Chris F

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Repost from the HTF


Great Job Eidos!


I just came back from EBGames with my brand new copy of Tomb Raider : AoD, and it doesn't work!


Installs fine, I get the opening Eidos movie, and then... nothing.


Tried reinstalling it, same problem. Messed around with video settings, nothing. Changed some sound settings, nothing.


Well, the pictures on the box look nice. :x


I guess I should list my system specs, just in case.


P4 3.0GHz

Asus P4C-800 Deluxe mobo


ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

SB Audigy 2 Platinum


All with the lastest drivers and everything.

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thats what you get for buying something with the words Tomb Raider in the title.


Yeah, but the first two were great, and I had been reading from a lot of players that this game was closer to TR1/2 than any of the previous.


It's still no excuse for the game NOT to run on my rig.

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Why do you think I've not bought a PC game in the first week since about Quake 2?


Let the rest of the world play beta tester; the first couple of patches usually clear things up. Unless you don't see them patching the problems, which is enough to make you run away in itself.

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Actually, on the box it reads: "Powered by nVidia!" Or some shit like that. ALthough I'm not the only one having issues. I've been reading that a few people, with nVidia cards no less, are having the same issue.


I was commenting to a friend how I bought two games on the opposite ends of the quality spectrum yesterday. I got the nicely done, and very polished add-on for Warcraft 3, THe Frozen Toilet, I mean Throne. And then Tomb Raider : Angel of My Ass, I mean Angel of Darkness.

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