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Danger Hip Top

Guest Bryan

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You have actually used it? Tell me about the ergonomics and the weight. I have no intention of sidetalkin' with this thing, but the web and e-mail would be fantastic!

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I went to a local Suncom store at lunchtime to check it out. The network was down, but I was able to navigate through the device and type a few test e-mail messages. Used the phone as well. The dialing interface is clunky, but I believe you can voice-activate a certain amount of your contacts. I would not replace my cell phone for this, but I am very excited about testing the browser / e-mail functions.


It was extremely easy to type web addresses and e-mail - much more so than I expected. The device is not slim, but not too heavy either. I would equate it to the weight of a pda. Ergonomics were very pleasing.


The store is going to call me when everything is up and running. I am strongly considering adding this device to my collection with the unlimited data package for $29.99 / month. I will then be posting from all sorts of weird locations, like Chuck E. Cheese and the dvd section at Best Buy.


Yes, this is the Suncom version of T-Mobile's Sidekick, but in color.

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