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DragonBall Z ?


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Ok, I admit ignorance. What it DragonBall Z ? I mean, I know it is a TV show/anime and has games and stuff about it, but can someone tell me the back story on it ? Why is it so popular ? What is it about ? Who is who and what are they fighting about ? I have seen some of the promos for it, but I want to know something more before jumping in while I don't know anything about it.

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Why is it so popular ?


In MY opinion, it's because people have no taste :green:.


DBZ is an anime that is notoriously popular amongst the low teen male crowd predominantly and its popularity stems from the fact that fight scenes in the series tend to stretch over several episodes. Some people do like it, but for me it is utterly boring. Characters talk, fight, power up, die, come back to life, fight, power up, fight, die, fight, come back, fight, die over the course of some huge episode count.


I've watched enough of it to know that I would never watch it again :P.

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Wow. No love for DBZ? I used to hate it with a passion, but after watching it a LOT, and a bunch of my friends (all 27-28 years of age) talking about it, I started getting into it.


It's definitely an acquired taste, and gets a bad rap because it is EXTREMELY popular with the "kiddies".


My biggest fault with it is the build up to some of the fights. 5 episodes worth of Goku et all powering up just to start the fight.

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gets a bad rap because it is EXTREMELY popular with the "kiddies".


The part of that that I have a problem with is that the "kiddies" then rag on other anime for not being like DBZ, whereas I find other anime to be infinitely more enjoyable. I find that a lot of them aren't able to make the translation from DBZ to anything else and they complain because it's not like the show. Which I feel, maybe snobbishly I admit, is to their detriment, as the genre's got a lot to offer.


That's a broad sweep of my generalization beam, but it's mostly true. You have two camps: the people who like DBZ, and those who like other stuff and you rare people who like DBZ plus other stuff that don't make a third camp quite yet ;).


And it's strange, I actually enjoyed the ORIGINAL Dragonball. ;)

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