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Insomniac reveals Sunset Overdrive - Exclusive to Xbox One

Romier S

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Maybe it’s better as a one off, albeit a shame it never found an audience. Much as I am enjoying the campaign I have yet to feel compelled to pursue side missions and challenges so I’m not sure if I’ll be craving more by the end (I have about five hours of play logged so far).  


It already feels like a game where every crazy concept the developers could think up is up there on the screen already. It’s real kitchen sink style creative lunacy. 

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I think one of my favorite things about this game was all the character customization options. I especially like the fact that you can completely change him or her at any time, going so far as to even change gender, skin color, and faces mid-game. It makes you want to play around with all the options until you find one that suits your tastes.

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