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PGR2 mayhem tonite!


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allright anyone up for some pgr2 stress relief?

i will be running a room tonite for all out bad ass drivers. this is where your :twisted: gets to show it's true self. think you have what it takes in the corners? come out to play and find out.


we will start with the ultimate/mini pair teams.

time to kick some cars around, bash some railings, and see minis go 200 mph!

basically we pair up one mini and an ultimate, match up colours. your objective get your mini across the line first by any means necessary.


and if that isn't fun enough we will do some knockout, last one across each lap turns into a road raging menace and is out for some bodypaint, as each lap is done someone joins his pissed off psycho partner!


carnage commences at 11 e.s.t. (roughly).

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yeah scar, you obviously have not witnessed my driving skills, hence why i am making a room tailor made to show off my abilities.


this room is open too all, it is totally geared to fun and trash talking, all skills welcome.


sam look forward to punishing you and the bro.

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My partner is an expert mini driver. I will be pairing up with my partner in crime, "mini me".




We are the international racing team, ICU.


As I have mentioned before, please do not bump into my mini or my mini me, as my pig skin grafts have not fully healed from last nights smoke alarm neglect, and may tear away from my burnt and infected buttocks.

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I didn't get to play on the 4th, but Sam hosted a great Mini/Ultimate game a night or two ago. That was hilarious! There was the strange sensation afterwards when I knew I wasn't supposed to cut off every Enzo I saw, but I felt compelled to in the worst way.


Let's set up another time/date for this event ASAP.

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Hey nice too see you here, Obnoxious!

Go get a second headset so that you can hear me laughing after I smash your overpriced Porche into the railing.

You might also want to look into using one of the 2 free months of live cards to set up your own account, that way your brother doesn't have to apologize for you constantly ; ).

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