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How to embed Gametrailers

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iPBoard used to have a feature where you could post a link to a Gametrailers video and it would embed like the Youtube ones do. Gametrailers broke this when they changed their embed code a few years ago.


I've put together a way we can still embed Gametrailer videos, but it requires a couple more steps than just posting the link. To post a Gametrailers video:


1) Click the Embed code button




2) Copy the media link out of the embed code from the "http" to just before the quotation mark that ends the link:




What you should have copied out:


3) Post that link like you would a YouTube video. The iPBoard plugin will do the rest and the video should embed.





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Awesome! Thanks, Cam. This broken embedding really pissed me off during E3 in a number of threads cause I couldn't get some vids posted.

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