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New System, Gametrac


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I'm not sure if it'll be coming to the U.S. (or Canada), but Gametrac Gametrac_console1.jpg has been introduced for release in Europe.


Sounds like an interesting offering for a few different reasons,...

Gametrac, is set to offer GPS positioning and data communications functionality, as well as music and movie playback


Interestingly, however, the device doesn't seem to be built to allow voice calls - making it very much into a game system with added wireless functionality, rather than a replacement mobile phone. It will however support MP3 music and MPEG4 movie playback.


(Gametrac) is due for launch in Q2 2004, and sports a comprehensive feature-set for a mobile device, including Bluetooth support and a built in digital camera.


The GPS functionality is an unusual addition to the offering, and while it certainly offers potential for interesting gameplay twists - knowing the physical location of everyone in an online game could be a powerful tool in the hands of a good game designer


One strange statement of the article was this,...

its target audience seems to be kids and young teens rather than adults (like the N-Gage and PSP)


Seems odd that a device with all the specified features would be considered a Kids gaming device, but hey I'm 31 years old now so who am I to say what kids are ready for technically. Though I must say I've considered most, if not all, Tiger products up to this point Kids products, so this would fall in line with thier history.

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set to offer GPS positioning and data communications functionality


I refuse to buy anything that will let others track me down while I'm gaming ;).


Seriously though, Tiger's making this? No offense to them, but they don't have the best track record vis-a-vis the gaming industry so I won't hold my breath on this taking the market share.


Interesting to see all the handhelds coming to market of late though. If they're not careful they'll tear each other to shreds trying to gain market share on the GBA.

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