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Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.


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Couldn't find an existing thread about recommended podcasts so thought I'd start this one. I've been listening to Jeff Garlin's 'By the Way' podcast this week and it is hugely entertaining. He sits with notable film/television writers and/or comedians and conducts very informal conversations with them for 90 minutes or so. Big laughs in every episode. The most recent one with Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan is fantastic (though it does features huge spoilers for the recent Game of Thrones season). 


By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin;


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Ooh great idea! I am definitely trying that one.


I have a small grab bag that I listen to at work. I know at least one of these will be unpalatable to you, Dan ;).


My current favourite is 'Welcome to Night Vale', a fictional community radio show about a small town where bizarre things happen. It's absolutely insane and funny as hell. The guy who reads the news has amazing delivery. Short twenty minute episodes and I always get at least one good laugh.


I'm also pouring through Good Job, Brain which is a combination pub quiz and offbeat trivia podcast. The hosts are a little too self-amused at times but I like them and some of the topics and trivia are utterly fascinating.


For my movie needs I have How Did This Get Made, where Paul Scheer, June Diane Rafeal, and Jason Manzoukis watch a crap movie and pick apart how insane it is. They do director interviews on occasion; just listened to a great episode with the co-director of Crank 1&2.


I also listen to True Murder, which is a series of author interviews with true crime authors. Usually some crazy cases in there and it was the only halfway decent true crime podcast I could find.


And finally... Every weekday without fail I download and listen to the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show replay. Chris was the DJ on BBC Radio 1 for 8 years and I was super into his show for the last year and a half thanks to Sirius XM and was bummed when it ended. These are all old shows with the music out, but I still love them. It's like hanging out with good friends.

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Moyles.... Sir, you disappoint me. :) You might enjoy the Adam and Joe Xfm and BBC 6 Music podcasts. Sadly they don't do any work together anymore as Joe's too busy in Hollywood (it's the Joe of Joe Cornish "Attack the Block" fame, and co-writer of Tintin and Ant Man). Adam and Joe's work together goes back many years, beginning on TV when they found fame spoofing movies with toys long before the days of Robot Chicken. Their radio work was magnificent and I miss it a lot. 




A decent UK equivalent of the Garlin podcast is Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. Again, informal chat for 90 mins but with British personalities (mostly comedians). Particular favourite episodes include the interviews with Charlie Brooker, Armando Iannucci & Graham Linehan, Stephen Fry, Stewart Lee and Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton.



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I subscribe and download more than I have time to listen to most of the time, which is odd because I have a long commute.  Here's what's sitting in queue now:


  • Giant Bombcast-Still my favourite gaming podcast.  I've been listening to these guys for a long time, and while they tend to get way off topic a lot of the time, it's still fun to listen to.
  • The Alton Browncast-just started a little while ago, but I was a big Good Eats fan.  This is the closest we have now.  Great if you're into food science.
  • Stuff you should know-I'm way behind, but these guys can be pretty good.  I'll usually pick and choose based on episode topic what I listen to.
  • Game|Life-I always liked Chris Kohler on Retronauts, so I decided to try out his Wired podcast.  New format seems to be more news focused, and they had some good stuff pre-Xbox One reveal with some detailed info from a campus visit.
  • Spooky Pinball Podcast-One of the only pinball focused podcasts out there.  A little silly, but it's only once a month, and it's interesting to hear the progress of his new company, and interviews with peoplein the pinball world.
  • Giant Bomb's Interview Dumptruck: Some good stuff in here if you're interested in the raw interviews that the GB guys record.  Some of it turns into features, some doesn't
  • Fat man on Batman: Probably the best podcast that Kevin Smith is doing these days.  The ones where he talks to comics pros are amazing, like the two parters with Jeph Loeb and Grant Morrison.  Definitely worth it for comics fans.  A shame he keeps trying to focus on Batman (even perpiherally sometimes, like with Stan Lee), but I'd love to hear a full on comics interview podcast.
  • The Nerdist: Another one where I'm 20+ episodes behind, but a good interview/comedy podcast. 
  • The Season Pass: Just found this one, so going back through the archives, but this is all about theme parks and attractions.  There's some good stuff in there where they talk to ride designers, like the guys behind the Cars Land at Disney, or the Men in Black ride at Universal.  Interesting if you think that kind of engineering is cool
  • Smodcast: I've been a Kevin Smith fan for a long time, and I started on this at the beginning, but I'm 9 episodes behind now.  I still come back to it every so often though.
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Added In Conversation With and Alton Browncast to my list, exciting!


Garlin's podcast is by Earwolf, I notice, who also make How Did This Get Made.


Of podcasts I've dropped, I used to listen to Nerd Poker and Caustic Soda. Both of which I found a little dry for my tastes.

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AMC Movie Talk - a videocast that airs pretty well everyday

Writing Excuses with Brandon Sanderson - 15 minutes long, cuz we're not that smart, and you don't have that much time


Slight Pimp Moment:

Movie Moan with Phil Gee and Jamie Williams - I've guested on this one a few times - the guys are big Bond & Superman fans


Big Pimp Moment(s);

If anyone is a Farscape fan - a bunch of us have been working the series, reviewing each episode - we're halfway through the series to date.

Can find The ScaperChronicles over at The Scapecast.


If anyone is a Stephen King fan I would do one with Hans Lilja who runs the Lilja's Library Stephen King fansite.

You can find the Lilja & Lou Podcast at the Lilja's Library website.

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I  'discovered' the Cracked podcast recently, and I've been churning through a bunch of the back episodes lately, and I've enjoyed it so much I felt compelled to resurrect this thread.  I had heard of the Cracked podcast before, but I had pretty much dismissed it for basically two reasons, or more specifically, two incorrect assumptions .


First I had a falsely assumed that the podcast probably wouldn't be much better than the clever sophomoric fart joke magazine I vaguely remember from my youth.  And also  because I had assumed it was a humor first podcast, and I hadn't had any luck with other recommended humor podcasts to date.  Cracked is often funny, and will even occasionally even stoop to an occasional (self mocking) fart joke, but ultimately I've found that the podcast is simply an enjoyable and interesting hodgepodge of topics & conversations. Certainly worthy of checking out!


I squeeze in a number of podcasts whenever I can, usually as I'm getting stuff done around the house, and I'm always on the lookout for new good recommendations. Here are the podcasts currently in my rotation,...


Podcasts I Listen to Regularly

The Moth


Planet Money

This Week in Google


This American Life

Hello Internet (I'd say this one is probably the least mainstream Podcast on the list, if I had to guess. I'd be curious if anyone here on LCVG even knew of these guys or their respective YouTube channels. CGP Grey and Numberphile?) 

Cracked (new, but certainly fits in this category)


Semi-Regular Podcasts

Ear Biscuits

The Nerdist

Ted Radio Hour


Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Stuff You Should Know


All About Android


Occasional Listen

Giant Bombcast

NPR Tell Me More

NPR Snap Judgement


ESPN Around the Horn


The B.S. Report

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Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is a vile horror.

I wouldn't go that far, but honestly I should have put that in my 'Occasional' list, as it's fallen out of favor with me. Sometimes it's funny, but mostly lately it has fallen flat. Like past it's prime, time-to-retire flat.


Can anyone tell me what the best Android app for podcasts is?

Joel, Keith and I both use Beyondpod. It does a great job, but I as good as it is, the interface/UI feels dated. It's very good for managing and finding podcasts, but it could use a refresh, something to help it get in line with modern apps.
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My current podcast for exercise/running is, of all things, Go Bayside, April Ryan and her rotating guest friend watching an episode of Saved By The Bell and critically dissecting it. Totally ridiculous, but incredibly enjoyable.


I love Planet Money and 99% Invisible, but they're so short they make little nuggets of podcasting for me.


This American Life is nothing short of amazing, consistently engrossing listening.


Otherwise my usuals. The old Chris Moyles eps and Good Job, Brain are my regulars. I tried Wait Wait etc and cannot stand it. I subscribe to Friday Night Comedy on BBC4, which alternates between runs of The Now Show and The News Quiz. The Now Show is hit or miss for me, but the News Quiz is consistently hilarious and in the same tradition of WWDTM, just with a slightly more British bent.

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KCRW's The Treatment and The Film Talk Movie Reviews are two very good film podcasts (the former is interviews).

I have really enjoyed The Film Talk, and so I'm am sad that I just listened to their latest podcast and they announced that the next podcast will be their last. This due to the inability to make it financially feasible given the time and work each podcast requires. :( gah!

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New podcast I've been listening to is the Cracked podcast. Interesting and surprisingly erudite at time.


Best intro might the recent "weirdly specific things certain actors do in all their movies" or something similar. It gets into auteur theory and a few other things.


My favorite recent podcast find (and probably most surprising as well).

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I discovered this one just this week when Marc Maron re-ran his 2010 podcast with Robin Williams which was truly superb (and deeply moving in hindsight. The final five minutes of their discussion is utterly heartbreaking to hear). I've since listened to some other episodes and it's definitely worth subscribing to.

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I discovered this one just this week when Marc Maron re-ran his 2010 podcast with Robin Williams which was truly superb (and deeply moving in hindsight. The final five minutes of their discussion is utterly heartbreaking to hear). I've since listened to some other episodes and it's definitely worth subscribing to.

Yeah, I've been listening for the past couple of years. His style of interview really hits it for me - I've grown to recognize my own character flaws on introspection - which I guess is unique for a a monologue-interview show.

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