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Robot Monkey's XBL FAQ

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Okay, I'm putting together a Live-specific FAQ for lcvg.com (some web site I heard about). My purpose is to answer questions that are not necessarily available elsewhere as a compiled list.


I'm wrapping up the first draft, which includes a section on game-specific issues. Would you folks care to share your brains on this? Here are the sorts of things covered in the section:


Q. Why can't I switch cars in MM3?

A. You need to select QUIT GAME.


Q. What happened to my voice comm in RTCW?

A. RTCW occasionaly switches it to OFF when changing maps. Go to your limbo menu and make sure it's set to GENERAL.


Can you suggest some more? Thanks.



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Q-Why am I getting my butt kicked by everyone?


A-Its called practice


hows that :)






in all seriousness how about


Q-How do i use more cars in Midnight Club II

A-You have to unlock them in single player


Q-How do you communicate with only your teammates in mech assault

A-Press the black button


Q-How do you talk in Ghost recon

A-Press the black button


those are just a few

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