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My computer won't shut up


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So i was busy procrastinating on studying for my finals with a healthy game of freecell..fine a couple games of freecell...when my computer starting beeping. I looked to see what else I had open and none of the applications were doing anything. I shut them down one by one but still the beeping continued.


I was connected to the internet via dial-up, i had internet explorer, and my virus software open. oh and freecell. It was really distracting my freecelling ability so i rebooted thinking this would solve it. but it didn't, the thing won't shut up.

Anyone experience anything like this before?

I'm at a loss...


p.s. what's your guys' freecell win %

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hmm...i hope it's a stuck key. problem is i'm on a laptop and i don't think i can disable it unless i have an external keyboard attached...which i don't.

hmmm..i was playing freecell it's not like i was typing so pretty much the only keys i use are f2 and f4...and they don't seem stuck..






and that's in about a 2 week span...stupid finals...i didn't even know how to play this game until 2 weeks ago too, now i'm hooked.

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oh my

i opened the dos prompt to see if there was a key being pressed, no such luck. so i started trying to press all the buttons to see if that would unstick them, and a creepy computer voice started talking to me about accessiblity...it really creeped me out. too much freecell and studying has really messed me up.

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