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What DVDs will you be buying on 12/9?

Angel P

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Abby (MVD)

Assassination Tango (2003) (MGM)

Baby Snakes (1979)

Bad Boys II (2003) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Battle of Shaker Heights, The (2003) (Buena Vista)

Bay of Angels (1963) (Wellspring)

Blame it on the Bellboy (1992) (Buena Vista)

Blot (Milestone)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Five (6-DVD Set) (2002)

Confusion of Genders (Wolfe)

Country (1984) (Buena Vista)

Cut Up: The Films of Grant Munro (Special Edition) (Milestone)

Creepozoids (1987)

Dawn of the Mummy (1982)

Dirty Dancing (Ultimate Edition) (1987) (Artisan)

Edge of the World, The (Milestone)

El Ultimo Tren (2002)

Firefly: The Complete Series (2002)

Ghost Club (2003)

Gigli (2003) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Hans Brinker (Kultur)

Hello Again (1987) (Buena Vista)

Horatio Hornblower: The New Adventures (2003)

How the Toys Saved Christmas (1997) (Buena Vista)

How to Deal (2002) (New Line)

In the Army Now (1994) (Buena Vista)

Iris Blond (Buena Vista)

Jury Duty (Fullscreen Only) (1995) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Killer Eye, The (1998)

Kraa! The Sea Monster (1998)

Les Uns Et Les Autres (a.k.a. Bolero) (1981)

Lizzie McGuire: Fashionable Lizzie (2001)

Lizzie McGuire: Growing Up Lizzie (2001)

Lola (1961) (Wellspring)

Looking Glass War (1969) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Love in the Time of Money (2002) (Buena Vista)

Luster (TLA Releasing)

Mad Love: The Films of Evgeni Bauer (Milestone)

Mad Love: The Films of Evgeni Bauer (Image)

Martial Arts Theater Super Value Two Packs Volume #5 (Image)

Martial Arts Theater Super Value Two Packs Volume #6 (Image)

Martial Arts Theater Super Value Two Packs Volume #7 (Image)

M*A*S*H: TV Season Five (3-DVD Set) (1976)

Muppet Show, The: Best of with Steve Martin/Carol Burnett/Gilda Ratner (1978)

My Life On Ice (Wellspring)

Neverland (Water Bearer Films)

Oktober (Wellspring)

Photographer, The (2000)

Platinum Playaz (2003)

Sade (Wellspring)

Sex With Strangers (Strand)

Stealing Time (2001)

Tonte Une Vie (a.k.a. And Now My Love) (1974)

Trip, The (TLA Releasing)

Unhook the Stars (Buena Vista)

Universe of Jacques Demy, The (Wellspring)

The Year that Trembled (2002) (Ardustry)


Just Dirty Dancing for me this week.

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