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New Pocket PC!


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Well after using Palms for so long I decided to take a look at the Pocket PCs....well after much searching I decided to buy the h1945. It's specs are:


Samsung ARM Processor 266Mhz



SDIO Card Slot

3.5" 240 x 320 16-bit color transflective TFT

Pocket PC 2003 Professional OS




I took a long hard look at the Palm Tungstun|E, but decided to give Pocket PC a try and so far I'm enjoying the difference. I can't wait to put DOOM on this thing. Another really cool thing is syncing over bluetooth from my laptop, no need to cradle it except to charge the battery.

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Cool Kelly!


I'm curious what you like about Pocket PC vs Palm OS?


I've only messed with Pocket PCs in the store and was bugged by the windows-ness of them. Palm seems simplistic by comparison, but I ended up liking that simplicity.


And then there's the fact that I use my Palm almost entirely for gaming :P I just checked, I have 42 games on my Tungsten.

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