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Wednesday Night CS & RS3

Chris F

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Been off XBL for a while now, but since I'm feeling better and have more time now, I figure better to get back on and start gaming again!


When: Wednesday, December 10

8PM EST - Counter-Strike!

10PM EST - Rainbow Six 3


Stow your cars in the garage. Put your clubs back in the bag. It's killing time!

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Sounds good Chris! I would love to try CounterStrike out, as I have owned it for several weeks now.


I've yet to see more than two people playing (Allen and myself) and I am really tired of the two of us running around the maps wondering what it would be like with a full room. If tonight doesn't pan out, CS is destined for a quick trade-in.


See you around 9:00 pm E.T.

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CS is destined for a quick trade-in.


There are a lot of people playing CS right now, and it shouldn't be hard to find good games to join. Not a lot of LCVG'ers have CS, mostly because RS3 outshadows CS by some margin.


We've had some full games of CS before (previous weeks since the games release), and I had a blast playing with 10 people. It was a very good experience.

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I'll try to make it.


BTW, Thanks for all the invites last night, guys. I have a small squad of friends and we are still going through the missions, so I had to decline. Once we graduate from the missions, I will definitely be more inclined to accept the invites, so keep 'em coming!



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Originally posted by Scar@Dec 9 2003, 01:09 PM

And Bryan, I think it's for tomorrow night.

Did you just fucking correct me?




Thanks Oscar ;) . I never remember to read the fine print or the red print.

I'll be golfing tonight instead. See you tomorrow night for the killing.

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We actually played CS until about 10:30 it was that much fun. My apologies to Wetwork for teamkilling him. I usually end up on the terrorists side so I'm used to going after CT's.


Playing on the CT team toward the end I never realized how motivated we could be when the hostages are hot. Everyone had $10-15K. :D

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