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Partitioning Advice


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For the last few weeks my main hard disk containing the OS and application installs has been clicking (as if it cannot read the drive) for extended periods of time. Sometimes it locks the computer, sometimes it fails to boot, sometimes it pulls itself together and lets me get about my business. I have been backing up daily in anticipation for the day of its death, and in fact purchased a replacement hard disk last night just in case.


This morning I awoke to find a dead PC.


So now that I have several hours of reinstalling ahead of me I thought I might take my hard disk organization to new levels of anality and create some partitions. But before I did that I wanted some advice.


Historically I have had two HDDs in my PC. One for the OS and applications, the other for storage (MP3s, pictures, sounds) and game installations. My idea was to partition my new OS drive (120 GB) into a smaller OS partition (maybe 5-10 GB) and use the rest for application installs.


Would I gain anything from doing this? Since I already have a separate drive for storage what would be a good schema for my primary drive? A more organized drive makes for a happier blackcalx so any advice is gratefully accepted.


While I'm here I might as well ask a second, related question. I currently have each drive on a separate IDE cable, set as a slave to either my CD or Zip drives. Would it be better to have them on the same cable, or is my current configuration applaudable? I haven't experienced any problems that would cause me to doubt, but I'm always looking for ways to optimize.


Thanks for your help!


EDIT: If this topic would be better suited in the Technical Support board please feel free to move it and accept my apologies.

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Ordinarily I'd be all in favour of partitioning your OS away from applications.


However, if, like most people you're running Windows, and use Microsoft apps, then I wouldn't. Microsoft clearly care nought for your whimsical plans to install things on other devices, and know better. Your Office will install most of its files on the system device, and the temp files will be placed there too.


I constantly have to fight with my work box because my C: drive is a 'mere' 2Gb, despite every application I install being told to go on D:. And yes, I've already moved swap, temp internet files and God only knows what else over; Microsoft just love the System32 directory too much to leave it alone.

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I've got a partitioned drive on my Windows XP box - iainl is right about MS installing a lot of stuff on the system drive no matter what, but if you make your system drive bigger than you are thinking - I'd give it 20-30 gigs - I think you'd probably be fine.


One reason I like partitioning is it makes maintenance on the drives easier.

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I agree with the 20 GB partition for Windows.


I do this on all of my servers at work, giving them a relatively large partition for just the OS and swap files and then install all other apps on other partitions. It's a bit of a hassle to install apps sometimes, as they give you the option of installing to other locations, but have registry entries hard coded to the C: drive. (Don't get me started about what happens when you change your primary drive letters from C: and D: to R: and S: with software like Citrix)



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