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The Bonk Episode.



The best part about Achieve It Yourself is how Kyle assumes certain achievements are easy or hard without bothering to play the games. Most of the time, it seems like he expects an achievement to be much harder than it actually is and must bring in a backup one to fill the time. Here, he gets it wrong in the complete opposite way.

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Big day for the Allies.    

Kyle Bosman is leaving Easy Allies.     😢

With the results of last week’s bet, it’s time to close out the year with the greatest bit of all: Or Wars.     OR WARS!!

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On 11/21/2019 at 12:02 PM, Angry the Clown said:

New Hall of Greats episode is up on Youtube:


I think Kyle's nominee received exactly the right number of votes.


6 hours ago, Angry the Clown said:

There’s a lot to love in this video, particularly the conversations about cows.


Huber with the cybernetic enhancements for the win!

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I listened to this week's podcast on Friday. I’m a patron with early access to their shows. What's funny is hearing about these various incidents from Kyle's childhood that he remembers very clearly, while his parents have no memory of it.

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Oh yeah I'll be watching this.


If they could get their audio, video, and lighting just a little better, they'd be on another level. They need one more person who's a little more skilled with production. 

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I plan on watching/listening to this at work today:



And here are all the games in The Hall of Greats so far (not including the entries from #12):





Metal Gear Solid

Super Metroid

Street Fighter II

Super Mario 64

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Chrono Trigger

Pokemon Red & Blue

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil (2002)

Metroid Prime

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Final Fantasy VI




The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Super Mario Bros. 3

The Last of Us

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Counter Strike

Final Fantasy VII


Good list! 👍🏻

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Kyle Bosman is leaving Easy Allies.




First the blunt facts:
I’ll be leaving Easy Allies and Los Angeles at the end of next month
My last solo stream will be Friday, April 17th.
My last group stream will be Tuesday, April 21st.
My last Easy Allies Podcast will be posted on Friday, April 24th for early access and publicly on Sunday, April 26th.

Apologies if that was abrupt, I’ve just read a few of these kinds of posts before and the opening sentences are always excruciating as you’re just waiting to get to the bad news.
And I realize this is bad news in a time of rampant bad news. I have a job that I love working with people I love for a community I love and yet today I’m announcing that, after four years with Easy Allies, it’s time for me to go.

Before anything else I need to make it clear how grateful I am to the Easy Allies community. From March of 2016, when we nervously cobbled Easy Allies together, to today, I feel like a different, calmer, more understanding person. I feel simply better. And, sincerely, not just saying this to be sweet, I owe a great deal of that feeling to this amorphous collection of funny and supportive internet viewers and commenters. I frequently think about the people who have said I’ve improved their day or week or year, and I can only offer my earnest thanks in return and apologize for putting myself first this time.

Our team has known about my exit for a while and have been making plans to cover my absence. The Easy Allies Podcast will of course continue; Jones will nurture it like his very own podcast. Gundam streams will carry on, Damiani will produce Achieve It Yourself, and Don has promised to pick up my slack for future betting specials. No one has volunteered to take over my trash bag duties yet.

As for my own future, I can’t say where I’m going. Not in a fun way where I have a sweet gig lined up that has to stay secret for now, I actually don’t know. Usually people who write these will say “Can’t wait to see what’s next, very excited! I’m very young baby!” but to be honest with you I’m terrified of not knowing what’s next, and that’s sort of the point.
My fear is that your fear is that I’ll just go do what I’m doing now somewhere else. That’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for my life’s Main Thing, something that demands my full potential and potentially fully failing at it. Currently I feel like I’m eating french fries every day. I love french fries, I will always eat french fries, but I'm coming to realize I have to eat more than french fries.

This is also to say that I don’t imagine I’ll disappear forever. I want to get my Main Thing established, or at least get on the path to this nebulous Main Thing, and then figure out my french fries from there. I told you I’m streaming a full playthrough of Digimon World and you better believe I’m going to follow through on that. I’m just not going to start up my own Twitch channel next week. Please understand if I’m offline for a while.  

If you have questions, concerns, advice, or just want to make sure this isn’t a prank, I’m starting tonight’s stream a half hour early to give us all a chance to talk about everything. ( 8:30pm PT on twitch.tv/easyallies )

Once more I’d like to thank the supporters of Easy Allies. I only have this opportunity because of everything you’ve given us. You might have noticed I’ve stopped using “Love and Respect” as a signoff in Patreon posts. Secretly I just hated seeing it used against us as the stupidest ironic checkmate in comments sections. However, I’d like to indulge in the notion one last time as I feel it’s especially appropriate in this situation.

Love and Respect,




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I'm genuinely sad. Just having him run through all the things we'll no longer see him do there is crazy to think about. I'll also miss the annual Easy Update sessions between him and Ian just catting away about everything from the year gone and thinking about the year ahead. 


I won't abandon the Easy Allies (I have Reaction Shots playing here right now funnily enough), and will of course follow Kyle wherever he may go next, but there's no getting over the fact he's been a linchpin of the team dynamic at Easy A. Even his brief absence in recent podcasts was deeply felt.


I can only wish him happiness and success, in fact I'll double down on the happiness wishes as I know he's struggled in that department and I can empathise, just as I can his current decision as I suppose I find myself in a similar situation right now.


In summary: :Dawson:

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This is sweet (it actually dates back to 2016). Lovely to see there is so much affection for Kyle out there for so long.



Leaving LA almost seems like a bigger deal than leaving EZA given that it means separating himself from the rest of the gang socially. It's easy to forget just how far back they all go since the Game Trailers days. I do hope he's in a good place. 

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Kyle answers questions and talks about his decision to leave EZA.



On 3/13/2020 at 1:18 PM, Angry the Clown said:

I won't abandon the Easy Allies (I have Reaction Shots playing here right now funnily enough), and will of course follow Kyle wherever he may go next, but there's no getting over the fact he's been a linchpin of the team dynamic at Easy A. Even his brief absence in recent podcasts was deeply felt.

I’m a patron of Easy Allies, giving at the $5 level every month. I plan to continue to do so because, while Kyle is an important part of the group, he’s not the only thing I like about it. I like a lot of the other content created by the rest of the group including their previews, reviews, Frame Trap, and Friend Code to name a few. Kyle certainly brings a certain quirkiness to the group that the others don’t, but I think they can continue to thrive without Kyle.


I will miss his bits on the podcast though. I’ve always thought those were a hoot.

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I'm glad he'll stream and consider making occasional videos on his Youtube channel in some fashion someday, whether gaming related or not. Regardless of how often he does that stuff, he's given me so much entertainment value over many years it'd be nice to have occasional reminders that he's out there doing whatever he's doing. Nice to know he's happy to do occasional EZA cameo appearances too.


I feel like Ian is the most in sync with Kyle when it comes to their view of the world, their sense of humour and somewhat irreverent style (I've always appreciated that he is able to have a voice from the controls on the podcast), and he and Ian are certainly the most artistically creative of the Allies. It does make me wonder whether Ian might be next to want to move on, however far in the future. The reason I've no intention of abandoning them is that they have each always brought something unique to the team, which is why it works so well. I look at other gaming channels and I feel like everyone speaks with the same voice. Easy Allies has always been a wonderful gathering of of shared values but unique personalities, and they've kind of claimed the word "jolly" which I think suits them perfectly. 



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