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10 Pin Alley 2

Guest Bryan

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G.D. it! Creepy Peeper is making me ill in that mustard suit!


And to say you have simiar taste in games is certainly not a slam on you,... since I only buy the most awesome gear, I must be saying you are wicked cool too! :lol:


Anyway, if this bowling game is any good it'll be a must-buy. Bowling games generally have simple but addictive game play.


I also love the arcade bowling games (and Gollf too) with the roller ball controller too.




What a skeezy looking cabinet,... better get out the Lysol if you plan on playing it!

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That's funny, I saw it on Glen's amazing calendar yesterday, and immediately went to EB to search, but it returned nothing. I'd love to have a good bowling game.


Actually, I've been playing MegaBowling on the Palm and it's not bad once you figure out how the throwing works. But I'd like to see a GBA bowling game, with arcade-like controls ala Super Monkey Bowling.

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If it:


A) really exists, and

B) is half-decent, then it

C) is mine!


How could I possibly want to play billiards on Xbox Live and bowl on my GBA???


Must be a sickness. :green:

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I just called their headquarters - they do at least have someone answering the phone. Unfortunately, besides a young woman with a sexy voice, everyone else was out of the office.

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