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Official Football/Soccer/Futbol Thread 2014/2015...errr 2015/2016...I mean 2016/2017

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United should have just went out and smashed them.


While I am perfectly fine making slight pot shots saying they can only play defensive like they did against Liverpool and sneak wins in reality it's just the Sanchez signing making the team even more disjointed. Rashford was great against Liverpool on the left so why move him for Sanchez?


Why go for Sanchez when the left was okay and it was the right wing struggling?


Why are all these players taking up the same position?



Is it Mourinho or the style of players they're buying? Is there a plan or just panicking because there was a real danger about turning into Liverpool?

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He's just a dutch Harry Redknapp.

Naw, that's a whole other baby:  

Batong if you end up banging the dude, just make sure you're on top. My friend says if you're always on top you're not really gay, you just like fucking. 

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On 3/14/2018 at 7:52 PM, kelley said:

Conte is going to be fired, he's lost the team.  Courtois doesn't seem to care anymore, I guess all the rumors of him wanting to be back in Spain are true.

Messi exploited Courtois weakness, he knows him well from the matches played at Atletico. 

Look at the first goal for example. The problem isn't that Courtois didn't care, it is just that Messi knows him too well. 

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On 4/2/2018 at 7:10 AM, SupahBlah said:

RIP Chelsea.

I told a Spurs friend on Friday that no way would Chelsea win, most of our players bunked off to Dubai and were seen partying and the others were off on International duty.  The team is rotten at the core and needs rebuilt, let's see if Roman has the stomach for it this time or if he puts all his money into the new stadium.

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