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Official Football/Soccer/Futbol Thread 2014/2015...errr 2015/2016...I mean 2016/2017

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He's just a dutch Harry Redknapp.

Naw, that's a whole other baby:  

Batong if you end up banging the dude, just make sure you're on top. My friend says if you're always on top you're not really gay, you just like fucking. 

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7 hours ago, godhand said:

Madrid is going to win the CL right? 




Don't worry, Liverpool Roma to the rescue.


But once again, we will be standing together watching RM in a CL final. I hope to be a better omen this time around..

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And so ends another Prem season.


City end it with 100 points, I never thought someone would hit 100 points City are just incredible from Ederson, through to the sublime Kevin de Bruyne who no matter the position defensive, central or further forward was always incredible, Raheem Sterling proving he's just a pure talent and only going to get better. United its like they finished second but you're still underwhelmed by them? It's weird like pure Mourinho the team felt much better until the Liverpool game when they went anti-football they should have just went for it but it's like Mourinho reverted to form Pogba was great but fell off towards the end of the season hopefully he gets back to his best next season. Spurs ended 3rd but pretty much tried to Spurs there way to the end finishing 5-4 against Leicester at home Alli wasn't as good as last season but its hard considering how good he was last season but Erikson stepped up considerably. Liverpool frankly should have finished higher but Champions League towards the end of the season ultimately distracted them Liverpool and Spurs both have a wonderful first eleven but a garbage bench and that's why I feel Liverpool/Spurs won't be anything more than 3rd/4th for Liverpool too many draws and pretty much because their attack is so terrifying that you just stick everyone behind the ball, without space Liverpool can't do anything Salah, Firmino and Mane were an absolute joy to watch this season looking forward to Keita and how he fits in the Premier League.


Chelsea just fell apart, I am unsure the reasons why whether Conte was too much a dictator for players that have more power than at any other club or whether he didn't get the players he needed, Morata started really well but then struggled in the Prem now whether its because he was injured and they were hiding I don't know, Giroud came in January but I feel Chelsea just didn't push on and was just a disappointing surrender of their title.


Arsenal were just typical Arsenal really, signings in summer weren't good enough and I still don't know what Xhaka actually does but the January ones were better. It's sad Arsene was pushed but he should have went out on a high a couple of years ago. It will be interesting who comes in and also who handles the pressure, the fans I don't think want anything other than to compete but its still a big task.


Was some shite in the Prem this season from Pardew's adventures at West Brom, Stoke and Swansea but others too 44 points got you in the top half. Everton ended up in 8th! Whenever I watched them it was just pure dire, hopefully Allardyce fucks off.


All in all the Prem this season had some fantastic highs, some outstanding teams, great games and some absolute dross.


World Cup in the summer and the transfer window opens again and we all go back at it. :nachos


I don't see anyone stopping City but we'll all have fun trying. :Cruise:

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“It’s tiki-taka. But nothing is happening.”


That’s not a quote from Mick McCarthy, Neil Warnock or your grandfather watching the game in the pub, but Cesc Fabregas. That’s Cesc Fabregas, La Masia graduate. That’s Cesc Fabregas, who played extensively for Barcelona and Arsenal, two of the most famously possession-heavy teams in recent history. That’s Cesc Fabregas, who has won three major trophies with Spain playing this style. If anyone knows tiki-taka, it is him.


“I loathe all that passing for the sake of it, all that tiki-taka,” as Pep Guardiola said in 2017. “It’s so much rubbish and has no purpose. You have to pass the ball with a clear intention, with the aim of making it into the opposition’s goal. It’s not about passing for the sake of it.” He is the manager most famously associated with the style, denouncing it.


But tiki-taka, at its best, is not passing for its own sake. It is quick, accurate passing and movement, drawing defenders out of position and exploiting the space that creates. Fabregas and Guardiola are describing a supermarket own-brand version of the genuine product. Done badly, and tiki-taka ends in the sterile domination that allows weaker opposition to gain a foothold. It also erodes goodwill amongst your own supporters.


Spain, humiliated at the last World Cup, will feel little better in 2018. They have been eliminated by the lowest-ranked in the tournament, the hosts reaching their first quarter-final since 1970. This defeat, to a team who barely bothered to attack them but still held Spain at arm’s length, will have repercussions that go beyond one performance. An inspection of Spanish football’s modern identity may soon take place.

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