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Official Football/Soccer/Futbol Thread 2014/2015...errr 2015/2016...I mean 2016/2017

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He's just a dutch Harry Redknapp.

Naw, that's a whole other baby:  

Batong if you end up banging the dude, just make sure you're on top. My friend says if you're always on top you're not really gay, you just like fucking. 

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Its like a weird feeling because of the virus I feel and also because we were so far ahead.


I still got slightly upset when the Chelsea final whistle happened (and I know friends who went the ground haha) tons of fireworks went off around my house but it still felt muted and I just kept thinking like town would still be jumping now.

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We made it hard on ourselves, because we're Scotland. Serbia didn't show up for most of the match, we failed to capitalize, and then when they pushed at us, we gave away a goal with two minutes to go. FFS. 

Still, they made it, with a solid streak without losses, and they look to have a bit more conviction that the last decade of Scots' teams. We made it into Euro 2020 by the longest, most tortuous route, which is something to celebrate, sure, but if we were good, we wouldn't need this backdoor. 

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