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Official Football/Soccer/Futbol Thread 2014/2015...errr 2015/2016...I mean 2016/2017

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He's just a dutch Harry Redknapp.

Naw, that's a whole other baby:  

Trading clean sheets for red cards.

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I was with actual Spaniards and they had no issues "It doesn't have to be seafood", one also disliked sangria.  :hathaway:

that's because they probably aren't from Valencia lol real Paella doesn't have seafood either. it's just rice, vegetables, chicken and rabbit, and beans. 


depending on where in Valencia some also put snails in it, but that's very uncommon.

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I've stopped watching, but by the sound of it, Sterling missed a sitter.


I did post last season saying that he would never learn to finish and then he started to score a few, but he could never deceive my old trusting hawk eyes.

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I dunno, you got a lot of money for Lovren so should be happy.


Everton are still worse, so there's always hope.


Lovren's demise is spectacular. There were certainly cracks in his performances for us. Those cracks have turned into full blown chasms in Brendan's system.

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I've always felt these draws are fixed. I imagine the conversations go like this:


"How about a rematch of the clash of the wallets? Chelsea vs PSG will draw the most viewers." 

"Messi vs Aguero.. we can sell that shit!" 

"Dammit! Arsenal is playing like shit, but we cannot lose them so soon; make sure they have it easy." 

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We've finished top 3 several times in those years.


You're top seed of you're one of the best 8 teams in Europe on points. We are, so we are.


You should sympathise. Your team was top seed despite not making it to the quarter final for a decade.

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Batong. Blah.


Wanna mass suicide?

Fuck that, I'm going to continue doing what Had has been doing for years, being reluctant and stubborn till the end even when I'm wrong.


Here, let me spin this for you, even though Balo didn't score yesterday, having now watched the highlights, he looked hungry

for something


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