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Official Football/Soccer/Futbol Thread 2014/2015...errr 2015/2016...I mean 2016/2017

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He's just a dutch Harry Redknapp.

Naw, that's a whole other baby:  

Trading clean sheets for red cards.

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Go on.


Does he score more? Assist more? Create more chances? Is he better defensively? Is he better on the ball?


Shove your condescending post up your arse.

Does he score more? Sure, that's his role in Arsenal. 


Does he create more chances? Do you mean statistically? If you're the focal point of an offensive team, like Cazorla is with Arsenal, of course his stats are going to be better.


Last I checked Cazorla didn't have a Yaya Toure or a Kun Aguero playing with him but David Silva is far and away the more complete player of the two. He can drop back into midfield, play on the wing, play in an attacking role. Great long range, great vision, etc etc etc.


There's a reason why David Silva sees more playing time on a stacked Spanish national squad than Cazorla ever does.

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so just for the hell of it, because I really didn't know from an article back in January.



Chances created: 40 (7th out of the 10)

Dribble completion: 76% (1st)

Pass completion: 86% (=5th)

Pass completion in final third: 79% (5th)

Goals: 6 (3rd)


Santi Cazorla -THE KEY STATS - TOTAL 38/50

Chances created: 49 (6th out of the 10)

Dribble completion: 67% (2nd)

Pass completion: 89% (=2nd)

Pass completion in final third: 83% (3rd)

Goals: 5 (=4th)

Also, looks like David Silva has had much less playing time than Cazorla so yeah Cazorla has "better stats" but he's also played much more than Silva, so what's all this nonsense about stats? because based on stats alone Silva is alot better lol


Cazorla - 2020 minutes


Silva  - 1632 minutes


and Silva has more goals, in less than minutes than Cazorla? wtf now I know you must be trolling

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Maybe you should watch Cazorla more, because until recently, he was deployed on the wing. Now he plays in midfield, not behind the striker, relatively deep lying especially when Özil is on the pitch.


I could post stats about their respective positioning and involvement, passes, chances created, dribbles, tackles, interceptions etc, not just this season, but what is the point really.


It's delusional, isn't it.

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but still better than iniesta

:lawl what?


Spectacular in the sense that Ronaldo and Messi are spectacular? Definitely not.


Still two of the best players in the league.

Not only Messi, but I would say there are much better wingers than them. Think of Reus for example, or Lavezzi.

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these English announcers are atrocious.... "Oh my god what a shocker result, no one expected this!"


Christ, like if Monaco has a bunch of scrubs playing for them.

Come on, they are playing in England. Arsenal is a UCL round of sixteen team and not more for sure, but they way they are getting trashed makes it seem as if they should have published a DVD for making it out of the group stage.

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