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Dell Axim X3i

Guest Bryan

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Hi all,


I am thinking about picking up an Axim from Dell and want some opinions on two different ways to go. Their X3i has built-in 802.11b wireless. Their X3 does not have wi-fi built in, but has a slot for a wi-fi card. Would I get better performance out of the X3i's built-in wi-fi (has an antenna) or the other with a wi-fi card?


I am also wondering if any 802.11g cards are available? If so, that would be the argument for going with the X3 over the X3i.


Axim X3i


Axim X3


X3 Compatible wi-fi card


I am getting ready to spend about $11,000 with Dell and will try to get them to toss one my way gratis.


Thanks in advance!

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I had a chance to play with an X3 and an X5 not too long ago....personally I felt like both of them were about to break in my hand. For some odd reason Dell uses a pretty weak plastic in their Axims.


As for the wireless, I think you'll see similar performance out of both solutions.


Besides the cheap feel of the Axims, Dell's lack of Bluetooth support was a real issue for me. With my iPaq I just have to be within Bluetooth range of my laptop and it automatically syncs with my desktop, which is VERY sweet.

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Check out the forums at http://www.aximsite.com


I have an Axim X5 (Basic model) and am very happy with it. I haven't read much about the X3, but I looked at the specs and the price and wasn't impressed. If you REALLY need built in wireless then go with the X3, but the X5 has two expansion slots (one SD, one CF) so you can have a WiFi card and a mem card in at the same time.


At under $200 for the X5 Basic, it's has a great bang for the buck.


As for WiFi, I got a Linksys WCF12 (Compact Flash) for $30 after rebate at CompUSA earlier this spring and it gets very good reception anywhere in the house.

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Dell is actually going to give me a free X3i with an $11,000 + hardware order I placed today. I told them I needed a new PDA and asked if they could throw one in based on my order size. Very nice!

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Hi guys,


My Axim X3i was delivered yesterday along with four HP Procurve switches, 18 Winterm 1200 LE Thin Clients, and various other goodies. I charged it up for 4 hrs and then powered it up at home. Less than 30 seconds later, I was browsing LCVG on my wireless network connection. I cannot believe how easy it is to get that puppy connected to any wireless signal it can find! I configured AvantGo for those times I am not in wireless range.


I am truly impressed with my initial efforts on the Axim. It could be a little prettier, could fit my hand a little better, but the thing works great! I have loaded around 50 customer spreadsheets here at work and editing / creating them looks to be easy too. I even downloaded one of Allen's short stories to read whilst in the throes of boredom some time. :green:


I'll try to answer any questions if someone is interested. This was a free gift from Dell for my placing a hardware order with them last week. It pays to negotiate!



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I just bought an Axim x3i for $296 shipped from Dell. Deal ends Wednesay. I think that is a great deal since I think the MSRP is $369 I think.


The consistent criticisms are that it isn't pretty (read: not slick looking) but that is so not what I care about. It is significantly smaller than the X5 but still not smaller than the Ipaq. Battery life is average (Hey, I can recharge it, which I couldn't do with my Handspring). Not a lot of 3rd party software (Like what?). And no bluetooth (have no bluetooth devices anyway).


PCworld gives it their bestbuy award, and that is at the MSRP of $369!


Anyway, people, please give me your thoughts.

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