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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILER FREE) discussion thread

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It's just basically your avatar.  

Fan service? You mean like all the other stuff in the trailer?   Darth Vader's charred mask (along with the sound of him breathing) Luke's voiceover straight from Return of the Jedi R2-D2 (with L

I'm sure Disney's marketing department are just trying to do their best to ensure the film lives long and prospers.....   *tumbleweed*

We don't really have the Drafthouse experience here, instead it's a bit more emphasis on the comfort and the luxury of an experience. Curzon cinemas have nice bars and cafes, while Everyman cinemas have that and the addition of in seat service (available until the film starts), and food at both Curzon and Everyman cinemas is typically a variety of homemade cakes, cookies...etc, and drinks anything from soft to beers and wines, teas and coffee. I'm happy with that. I've read about the kind of foods Drafthouse venues serve and quite honestly I wouldn't want that kind of stuff near me in an auditorium. 

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I haven't made it to a "Movie Tavern" yet, AMC is creating their version of one to compete in that market, haven't, but none of those theaters exist where I currently live. They're popping up all over where my parents live.


Here in north Austin, there's four different chains competing for that market space - the original, the Alamo Drafthouse (of course), Flix, iPic & The Moviehouse. All with different focus/market share. The Alamo's definitely changed in the past few years with their wide expansion across town & nationally too - the food got noticeably worse in quality & variety.. They're trying to fix that, as far as I can tell, but the menus still got some way to go. Service is getting better again & the scope of movies/experiences even up here in Lakeline is increasing, which is cool for us in the burbs. 


The increased competition hasn't really affected them so much - none of the other chains have the same mix of mainstream/genre films, though Flix is trying to show more old retro movies at offpeak times, but it's still thoroughly a suburban movie theatre - their woes are strictly their own. 


We saw Dredd at a "Movie Studio Grill" up in Arlington & it was like a bunch of executives had visited an Alamo to see what they do, but then tried to replicate it with the business sense of a Cinemark. Hopefully they've gotten better, along with the other suburban chain experiences. 

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We saw Dredd at a "Movie Studio Grill" up in Arlington & it was like a bunch of executives had visited an Alamo to see what they do, but then tried to replicate it with the business sense of a Cinemark. 


That's a very accurate assessment of Studio Movie Grill.  They just built a new one near me and it's certainly a step in the right direction.  A great looking (and HUGE) bar and better than expected food.  That said, their beer menu is nowhere near on par with Alamo Drafthouse.  


We have Moviehouse & Eatery, iPic and Look nearby as well.  I've heard iPic and Look are targeting a more upscale clientele and the dining experience supposedly matches that.  I haven't been there yet myself but I may try it at some point.   

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It has been decided. Sunday at the Alamo, whatever screening we can get a block of 7 tickets for us & friends & their kid. With a Mondo pint glass. I'm one visit off the Captain level at the Alamo rewards level, so this'll get me a free snack voucher. 


I know you all care deeply.

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Got mine for the IMAX downtown.  Couldn't get into the Alamo sale (and we rocked it on 4 computers) but the IMAX tickets went on sale a little later than everyone else.  I was at the computer the exact moment the screen flipped to sale.  By the time I finished the checkout process and printed the tickets, went back to look at the page everything was sold out!


Don't care, got tickets.

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