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Xbox Live Poker night!


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After the success of MST:2k3, how about a night of poker?


My buddy tells me there's a site called pokerroom.com. He's reasonable sure that one can host a private room.


So what if we hosted a room, invited those who want to play, and then chat it up on Xbox Live while playing?


Right now, I can't go check out the site. Any volunteers to look into this?


Of course, I would want this to be friendly poker, with play money only.

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Well, The 1st poker night was fun,... for both of us! Yeah, only two of us showed. :cry: And it's too bad, it certainly would be fun with a whole bunch of people. I'd never played on that site before, but it was easy to get started and it worked great. Of course a wireless headset would be nice to have, my cord was maxed out, but I had juuuust enough to be comfortable.


I'm looking forward to the next game, and more people to take money from. :green:

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