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Gifts for the ladies


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OK...guys (and AuntieMuffin :) ) I'm in need of suggestions. I don't know what to get my girlfriend. I assume I'm not the only one who finds shopping for the opposite sex near impossible so maybe this thread can help others as well.


To those of you who know what you're getting your significant other how about sharing? -perhaps your idea will spark one of us lost souls.


As for my needs, my GF and I are expecting a baby next summer. I have some cute baby-related gifts already but really want to get something for her. I'm just at a loss this year.

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Mine's easy to shop for. She loves the Beatles so I can find a book she does not yet have on them at our local discount store.


Other than that, not sure. We have some awesome craftspeople in town and I'm thinking of getting her what is essentially a stained glass candle holder (or vase or salt and pepper shaker :P) for a bit of a change of pace.

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If she is picky about where she shops, or what she likes, get her a gift certificate to the local mall. And make a coupon good for one day of shopping for her with you. Drive her there, shop with her, and then do dinner afterwards.



If your local mall is a Simon Property, the mall certificates are good at all stores in the mall I believe. So she could use it for books if they have a Borders, or use it for clothes somewhere, pick up some odds and ends at Spencers .... so on and so forth.


If she is really into her appearence with salons and stuff ..... gift cert to the one she goes to. She can do her nails, hair, what have you. And it's your treat.



I am a firm believer in gift certificates. They fit in any wallet, color does not matter, and you have no problems exchanging it for something you really wanted.

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Yeah, but a gift certificate has no thought put into it. You might as well have given a fistful of cash. Really, Camp, we need to know hobbies and likes/dislikes to give good suggestions. I've managed to buy my wife one gift in fourteen years that I think has stood the test of time: a Mason Pearson hairbrush. Sure, it sounds ridiculous, over $100 for a hairbrush?! It was around $60 back then and admittedly she looked at me like I was crazy and thoughtless when she unwrapped it, but this is a gift she has used every day for over a decade.


Edited for a better link.

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I don't agree that a gift certificate says you don't put any thought into it. Firstly you have to consider : You thought about where to buy it from, you thought about where SHE likes to shop, and also by taking her shopping, you are wanting to spend time with her.


I would rather give something that I KNOW they will use ( ie : gift cert to a store I know she likes) than give something that is the wrong size, wrong color, something they already have, or did not want.


Anyone who has seen a pic of Cal knows he is clean shaven. He has always been clean shaven. One year someone bought him a beard/mustache trimmer. :? And this was someone in his family.

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Anyone who has seen a pic of Cal knows he is clean shaven. He has always been clean shaven. One year someone bought him a beard/mustache trimmer. And this was someone in his family.

He sounds like a "re-gifter." Honestly, that seems like it could be the only explanation for such a knuckle-headed gift; that he was either just passing it on, or got it for free or extremely cheap.

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I've bought a very strange selection of bits and pieces.


At the top of the list is a very nice ring that Caz has been after, but the rest is downright silliness. CDs and nice books make sense, sure. But the Harry Potter Lego Quidditch set? Well, its got Zoe Wannamaker in Minifig form, and she's a big My Family fan.


Other than the new Pet Shops compilation on CD, DVD and Vinyl (yes. I do need all three.) I've no idea what I'm getting, though.

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I got my wife a gift certificate to one of those spa's a few years ago and she loved it. I actually got her two, so she could bring a friend. 8) It was a package deal, and only cost about $250 total (I think).


Beyond that it's jewelry and/or furniture for my wife. Furniture can work out for both of you, perhaps you need a new stereo cabinet to hide all the components. ;)

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According to alot of emails I've been getting lately, the perfect gift for the ladies is Viagra...


Anyway, here are some tips...


Good Buy:

1) Spa gift certificates - The ladies like being treated like queens.

2) Jewelry - The ladies like being treated like queens.

3) Romatic getaways - The ladies like being treated like queens.



1) Vacuum - The ladies DO NOT like being treated like maids.

2) Iron - The ladies DO NOT like being treated like dry cleaners.

3) Sewing Machine - The ladies DO NOT like being treated like seamstresses.


So what did I get my wife for Christmas? A photo printer and a Game Boy Advance SP. Nothing says I love you like cool gadgets and sh*t.

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Originally posted by Masta Red Snappa@Dec 15 2003, 03:31 PM



3) Sewing Machine - The ladies DO NOT like being treated like seamstresses.

My wife would cry with joy if I bought her a new sewing machine. Of course, the one she wants is nearly $1000.


The best part is that I could write it off as a business expense!

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My wife & I did things a little differently this year & actually exchanged lists written to Santa Claus like a pair of little kids instead of just trying to give hints to the other person. Does this take away some of the "magic"? I don't think so - we're both buying things that are not on the list, and we both know we're not getting everything on the list. The lists are a mixture of practical & "over the top". For example - mine included a bunch of novels, programming books, CDs etc, as well as the likes of Donkey Konga :) I've been told I'm "difficult" to buy for - this birthday was a big hassle as Rose left it too late to order anything online... Thus the list exchange idea...


Rose is getting some clothes she asked for, some DVDs (which I'm bored of giving/getting as gifts to be honest), a watch, an electric griddle (boring!), all of which she asked for, and on top of that she'll probably be getting either some jewelry or a spa gift certificate & for sure some fancy cooking sauces & oils from the Coppola vineyards that are extravagent (for us) and I know she'll love.


One problem I have is Rose's birthday is in late November, so by the time I buy her gifts for that, I run out of ideas for Christmas!

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Okay, here's my quick guide to last minute gift buying.




If your book lover is like most, he or she has hundreds of books floating around and doesn't know which are loaned to whom. Why not purchase the Book Collector software from collectorz.com, burn it onto a CD and bundle it with a CueCat?




A Braun mix stick. Your giftee will find it incredibly useful for making salad dressing and sauces and even pureeing soups.


Stainless steel or aluminum tongs. Get a couple in a few different sizes. I don't know what I'd do without mine.


A Microplane grater. Include a couple of of real nutmeg nuts for eggnog lovers.




You can pick up a vacuum wine-saver from stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. It comes with a hand vacuum pump and a couple rubber cork/seals. They really work. You can buy a few extra corks if your giftee usually has a few open bottles in the fridge.


Wine glass charms. Again, you can pick these up from stores like Bed, bath and Beyond. The charms clip onto your wineglass stem and makes it easy for guests to pick up a glass and know that it's their's. They come in different theme packs.




Michael Jackson -- the beer and single malt expert, not the other one -- is arguably the foremost writer on the subject. Pick up one of his books and a six pack of something unique.


Different beers call for different glasses. Why not pick up a few four packs of two or different styles of glasses?




Download CDEX, the open-source ripper for Windows. Burn it onto a CD with an HTML file explaining how to rip and what settings to use. Include a few links to community or information sites relating to the player they're getting. Include a link to Audiogalaxy.com so they can download samples. Sneak in and rip as many of their CDs as you can for them.


Buy a car kit if the player your giftee is receiving doesn't ship with one. Pick up a few patch cables so they can hook up to a stereo, too.


Buy a pair of good quality headphones to replace the (usually) cheesy earbuds that shipped with the player. I'm partial to my Sony MD71's.


Buy a nice 3rd-party case if one is available that is superior to the one included.




Buy some software for it. Include handy utilities they might use and a few games.


Buy a big compact flash card (or whatever format).


Buy a nice case for it.




Buy a big compact flash card (or whatever format).


Buy an inexpensive photo printer if they don't have one.




Buy them a copy of Avia (or whatever yo uprefer). Calibrate their HT for them and walk them through the process (if they care). You can also pick up an analog SPL for them.


Buy an inexpesive remote control for all their new equipment. Set it up for them and include macros for TV watching, DVD, etc.




Pay for a microchip ID implant for the dog (price depends; could be around $40 -- talk to a local vet).




Games are pretty obvious. Why not get a nice travel case for their PC, XBox, Gamecube, or PS2?


If your giftee plays a lot of online FPS PC games, buy a good quality headset.


That's all for now; good luck with your purchases!

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