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XBOX Memory Transfer Question


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XBL account settings can be easily transferred with a memory card. If there are "protected" save files, such as DoA Volleyball, you will not be able to transfer the save file, even with the Action Replay. Also, some files are too big to fit on a card. I think KotOR is one such game.


Of course there are ways around this, but I don't think we're supposed to talk about that here. :)

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I learned of the Mega X Key here and bought one a month ago. I used it to transfer my saves to my PC so if my HDD on my Xbox crashes again I won't be screwed like last time. I plan on buying a 128MB USB stick to transfer my music collection as well. I don't want all the time spent ripping music going to waste either if my HDD were to crap out.

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So did you get it yet? Did you get a larger hard drive to go with it?


I'll have it in the middle of January. Heading down to DC to spend 4 fun filled days of gaming with Scott (Buck). Whilst there he will school me in all thing modded Xbox. As of now I am having a 120gig HD put in and may upgrade later to a 250 when the funds allow.

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