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Who here gets HD programming?


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Yeah, HDTV is bliss. I get:









FOX DIGITAL- which is supposed to convert to HD in 2004


The cool thing is that I get all the channels (except HBO) for 6 bucks a month above the digital cable price.



Now, if only HBO would abandon its policy of cropping 2.35:1 movies to 1.78:1 :evil:


Congratulations and enjoy!


P.S. - Be careful, because if you're like me, you might end up watching shows you have NO interest in just because they look so beautiful!!






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At some point next year (supposedly 1st quarter) you'll be able to get the best of both worlds as TiVo will be releasing an HD DirecTiVo. Early specs show it to have a 250 gig HDD with 4 HD tuners (2 for DirecTV, 2 for OTA HD)


Of course, this doesn't help a whole lot if you're not a DirecTV subscriber, but some cable companies are also rolling out HD PVRs slowly.



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I don't have need for it yet, but supposedly Time Warner in Green Bay is going to be the test market for their new combination DVR/HD set top box. I'm on the waiting list, since i'm looking at an LCD monitor/tv combo for my gaming rig. I believe we get all the major networks except NBC as well as Discovery, HBO, and Showtime. Was told that ESPN is currently in negotiations.

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Those of us with North-facing apartments have few options to choose from. ;)


I've got TWC's HD converter right now, and they're going to be beta testing the new HD PVR boxes in KC next month. I've been calling once a week to express my interest in helping test.... :)


I get:


PBS (3 channels)




INHD (2 channels)





No additional charge from Time-Warner for the HD converter.

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I'm paying a jillion dollars a month to keep both Dish Network and Cox Digital Cable, just for the additional HD channels. Right now I'm getting:


CBS-HD (Dish)

NBC-HD (Cox)


HBO-HD (Cox and Dish)

HDNET (Dish)

HDNET Movies (Dish)

INHD (Cox)

INHD2 (Cox)

Discovery-HD (Dish)

ESPN-HD (Dish and Cox)


I think that's all of them. It's pretty amazing to list them all out like this...I remember not too long ago it was just CBS and HBO and that's it. I got hooked on some pretty crummy CBS sitcoms (Yes, Dear??) just because they looked so damn pretty... :)

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Originally posted by potempkin@Dec 15 2003, 05:27 AM

So far, in Portland, OR, we get:











for $5/month with Comcast.


They just added NBCHD a week ago, and hopefully they'll get CBS and FOX on there by February.

This is what I have, it also includes Fox Digital, but that's only slightly better then regular cable, and comcast sport net in hd, which is actually a huge selling point for me as I can watch Flyers Hockey in HD. 8)


The only thing I regularly watch on HD is MNF and the Flyers. The rest is just random programming that I might happen across. It's only a $5/mo so I can't complain though.


I don't understand why they can't get UPNHD and CBSHD, I'm in a major metropolitan area, these should be available to me. :x

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