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Splinter Cell help!


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I'm in need of help from anyone who may have finished the game and somewhat remembers it.


During the "bomb the trucks" part of the Embassy level you have to shimmy acrosss a pipe and drop behind a dude to grab him to use an eye scanner. This is in the big room with the 3 turrets. I can easily get to the point where I have to grab the guy (due to redoing this a thousand times) but I cannot drop down without him noticing which means I can't grab hold and thus fail the mission.


Any hints on how to do this? When I land it always makes noise. Very frustrating. First time in the game where I have been stonewalled.



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Remember to be creative too! While you can drop silently behind him, as you found out, you can also shoot at something down the hall from him and he will go and investigate. You can then drop down onto the newly vacant balcony and crouch in the dark while waiting for the guard to return.


Just remember to think outside the box!

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