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King's Quest I and II redux

Robot Monkey

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Has anyone here tried the Tierra remakes of Kings Quest I and II (actually, they just changed their name to Anonymous Game Developers Interactive)?


They updated both games to 256 colors and a 300x200 resolution in Windows. Download are free from their web site, http://www.tierraentertainment.com. Digital music packs and digital speech packs can be downloaded separately.


They are currently working on Hero's Quest I.



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Played through both of them about a year ago, they're fabulous, especially the KQ2 remake, which adds a lot to a game that did not have much going on in the way of sensible plotting.


It's practically a must-play if you've been through the whole KQ series because it does a LOT of tie-ins to the past and future of the series. KQ1 is a straight update and is good, but not as good.


And it's Quest For Glory 2 they're remaking, not the first one, as the first already has a VGA remake done by Sierra themselves, just so there's no confusion :). For my money, QFG2 is one of the best games Sierra ever produced that didn't have the initials GK in it.

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Hmmm, I went to try and download the games, but they have this big message on the download pages of their website:




I don't know if they got overrun with people suddenly trying to download or if there's some other reason for it. Hopefully it's a short temporary and not a long one. I miss those King's Quest games - would be nice walk down memory lane for me.

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