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Help me design my Home Theater


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Looks like the black is sold out now.  It's not too substantial, made of compressed wood, but in the words of the Dr Disrespect, it's "Black on black on slate black" and since having built it and planting it, I hope to never have to move it again except to inch it forward slightly to add/remove components.  I elected to leave the doors off, wish I didn't have to pay for them, but the price was right anyway.


I had to saw a rectangle off the backing, to allow for my A/V receiver to hang out just a bit, but the feet of my receiver are in good contact on the shelf. It's good though since it exposes the back of the unit for connections.  That also gives me more ventilation, which is a worry, but so far hasn't gotten too hot.  You will want to keep as much of the backing intact, though, because it gets much of its stability from that.



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Can anyone recommend a good Surge protector. I have a 2 Tv setup with gaming systems and tivos. I kinda ran out of room with my 8 outlet protector. It doesn't help that we have an older house and that side of basement has only 2 outlets. So a longer wire would be better.

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