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Buying an N64

Chris F

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**Not sure where this belongs, so please move to appropriate forum if necessary**


So I've kind of had this urge to pick up an N64 over the past few days. I was playing KI/KI2 on MAME, and I remembered that I really liked KI Gold on N64. The I remembered a whole bunch of games I missed after I sold my N64 a few years ago.


I'm having a hard time finding an N64 in any of the stores near me (used or new), and aside from Ebay, I can't seem to find a place that has them. I'm hesitating buying one on Ebay, mostly becasue I'm always unsure about the condition of game systems when I see people selling them. I mean, I'll use EBay if I have to, but I wanted to ask this first...


Is anyone here contemplating selling their N64 anytime soon? I'm fairly certain most of you, if not all of you, keep your stuff in good condition, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy one off someone from here if they were in fact selling one.


I'm also looking for games, if anyone has any and are willing to part with 'em:


Super Mario 64

Donkey Kong 64

Pilot Wings 64

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Killer Instinct Gold

Mario Kart 64


Perfect Dark

Diddy Kong Racing

Mario Golf

*N64 RAM Expansion Pack*

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Damn, missed it by that much. Female friend of mine was migrating to another part of the country and she couldn't take her N64 with her so last I heard she was selling it off. But she has in fact left :P.


Seriously if you find an eBay seller with good feedback then you are pretty much assured of getting a good 'as described' deal. I have never had any problems buying off there myself, far as my mammoth board game habit goes :P.

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If you're interested, Chris, I'd be more than happy to pick one up for you at my local Funco Land, they've got a ton of them. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago when they had them for $20, they're probably back up to $30 now though.


Let me know if you're interested as they have most of the games you're interested in as well.


N64 RAM Expansion Pack


They also have these, but they are $25 :shock:

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Let me know if you're interested as they have most of the games you're interested in as well.


Oh, I'm interested! :D


There's a Funco by me, but they had nothing.


If you can get me a total price on stuff, I can get a money order out to you in a few days (more like a week or so, since this weeks paycheck is going towards a bachelor party).


PM / e-mail / AIM me later on. We'll discuss it, if you're cool with helpin' a brotha out. ;)

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What time portal do you live in??


I like to call it "The Alternate Universe of Chris". All the EBs and/or Gamestops that I can get to all seem to be out of stock on N64s. Or they're lying to me. LOL


And they all don't have a good selection of used games for it either. Believe me, I was shocked as well. I figured they'd be easy to find.

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Wierd Chris.


My local Gamestop is having a HUGE N64 blowout sale. All used N64 consoles are 15.99. Hell I took advantage and bought 4 older titles I found in thier used bin for about 13 bucks. Cant argue with that.


(Titles I got were Blast Corps, The original Turok Dinosaur Hunter, GoldenEye and Banjoo Tooie.)

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