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PDA news and offline web browsing


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Hey, does anyone here have experience with pulling RSS feeds off the web onto a PDA? I got a 256MB SD card for my palm, and I'd like to put it to good use by throwing some websites, news, etc onto it. I stumbled onto RSS feeds as a way to do this, but so far they are kind of weak (yahoo, and the BBC for example), offering very short summaries of the news instead of full stories.


Does anyone have a good source for RSS feeds, for news or anything really?

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EDIT: AvantGo doesn't support Mac OS X. They do support older Mac OS versions, which is moronic...


I found a free java-based program called JPluck that will grab websites and create PDBs, it works pretty well, except that most sites have numerous links to other sites that I don't want included, and so far I haven't figured out how to exclude them...although it looks possible.


JPluck also reads RSS feeds, but like I said most of them are just one or two sentence summaries, possibly because a lot of RSS feeds go over wireless connections vs downloaded over landlines.


EDIT2: changed the thread name to be more general

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OK, I've found that there are some utilities for MAc OSX that let AvantGo work, so I might give it a try.




It works! AvantGo is very cool, thanks for recommending it.


I still want to figure out JPluck for grabbing sites that I want to read, but AvantGo make sit easy to get news and other stuff.

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