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Links 2004

Guest Bryan

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Hey Buffneck, how come we don't see you on XBL anymore?


Three words...


Star. Wars. Galaxies.


Although I'll be on more often now (on both) since work has calmed down a little, and my sleeping schedule is back to normal. THis weekend is a wash-out though since I have a bachelors party to go to. But the next few nights I'll be on in MM3 and Wolf.

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Star. Wars. Galaxies.


I can understand that. I was just about to get on SWG last night, when Buck invited me to join him and Kelley in MM3. We didn't wrap until midnight (CST) and I darn near got on SWG after that, but knew I'd be on until 3am if I did, so I dragged myself away from the PC...


Bachelor Party! Excellent! Slip a dancer a single for me...

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I'm a pretty wretched golfer in real life, but I'm looking forward to this.


Actually, the last time I played Links was in 1999, and not too much even then. I've been more of a 'play Golden Tee down at the pub' kinda guy, and I'm an average player.


But the ability to golf over Live makes this a no-brainer for me. One of my most awaited games, even though I'll need lots of practice.

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