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Psychonauts 2 - Now coming 2021 (Xbox One, Series X, PS4 and PC) Game Pass also...


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So, Double Fine want to make the long-awaited sequel to its first game, and there's no thread on it? For shame!


Here's an article on Polygon about the game as it currently stands.


Here's the crowdfunding campaign, currently underway. As I write this, they are at just at over $1 million out of a $3.3 million goal.


From the Polygon article:


Sitting above Schafer's desk is a slim volume — the Psychonauts idea book — where he's been squirreling away the plans for Psychonauts 2 over the course of the last decade.


"It is weird that often the first things that you sketch out are the first scene and the last scene," Schafer said, noting that the arc is already mostly defined. "But, those are pretty clear in my head after all this time.


"I've had this story for a long time. I've had the places that I want to go, the locations and the minds — the key minds — that I want to go into. I know how I want that to work for sure."

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Really looking forward to seeing how this one develops.  I don't know if I'll jump in as a backer on this one, at least not now.  If it looks like they're in danger of not making the funding then I'll contribute, but otherwise no need to pre-buy.  If this is going to be a full $60 game then it's a decent deal, but I don't really need the game on multiple platforms.  I'll probably just wait and buy it when it comes out if it gets funded. 

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I suppose the original release date was just q4 2019, so this would only be 2 years pas the target?  Assuming that means bigger scope and a better game, I'm fine to let them take their time with it.  Now just as long as Microsoft doesn't cancel it this time...although that's much less likely given the realities of gamepass. 

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8 hours ago, Romier S said:

The original is currently free on XBL. It’s backwards compatible and looks superb at near 4K resolution.


Just checked, and it's listed at 9.99 for me.  Might have to try from the console instead.  Not really that worried since I still have the Xbox disc and the PC version, but still...free!

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7 hours ago, ChrisBardon said:

Just checked, and it's listed at 9.99 for me.  Might have to try from the console instead. 


I just looked. It still said $9.99 for me on the console as well.


At the very least, I still have my disc!

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  • Magness changed the title to Psychonauts 2 (PS4/PS5, XBX, PC, GamePass)

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